Melisa Bernards Oct 2017

A crushing weight on my chest
A hollow ache in my soul
There's a darkness inside
About to swallow me whole

The tears seem choke me
As I try to hold them in
But one by one they sneak out
Burning trails down my skin

A sorrow I can't describe
A melancholy grief
Constantly squeeze my fragile heart
With no hope for relief

Memories haunt me day by day
Sleep refuses to descend
The light fades quickly now
I've waited for this...The End

Melisa Bernards Sep 2017

Don't give up
Don't give in
Too many battles yet to win.
I feel so frail
Full of fear
Wishing I could disappear.
I want to love
I need to live
But I don't have the strength to give.
Coward I am
Courage I lack
I hate myself, I hate this fact.
So I gave up
And I gave in
As desolation settled right in.
The battle was lost
The bruises run deep
Now I'll fade into eternal sleep.

Melisa Bernards Jun 2017

I am Mist floating in the netherworld
The shadow of my heart haunts my memories.

A transparent soul lacking substance
Wafting in the tides of my turbulent mind.

The hollow shell of my body
Tosses and tumbles about in a whirlwind.

The reality of my dream life
Fades into the obscurity of annihilation.

Melisa Bernards Mar 2017

Caught in the act, trapped in the fact
I made my bed now I have to lie in it.
I wanted to win, but it was a sin
Now I have to confess to it.

Like a shooting star, I fell so far
In the tick of a clock I was in too deep.
Now I've been stained, I just feel drained
I've made too many secrets to keep.

"Let me out!" I wanted to shout
But there was nobody around to hear
And even if they did, I was no longer a kid
I've tightened my own noose I fear

This was it, I'm afraid to admit
I can no longer count the sins I've made.
I lie in wait, for a terrible fate
It wont take long for my existence to fade.

Melisa Bernards Feb 2017

The lies choke me,
constricting my throat with their icy tentacles.
Vines riddled with thorns,
twist and scrape inside my airway.
Blood running down my trachea
pools in my lungs,
Each burbling breath
a disturbing reminder of the webs I've woven.

Melisa Bernards Feb 2017

The father is the trunk standing tall and firm
Showing conviction to the young, by his example they learn.
His roots seek nourishment, he never stops to rest
His family wants for nothing because he gives his best.
He patiently endures, and meets all demands
His strength is impressive, mighty and grand.

The mother is the branches stretching her arms to hold her child
Firm and flexible, strong and mild.
Her leaves of protection give shelter from the rain
That are the tears of rejection, injustice and pain.
Her pearls of wisdom are like ripening fruit
Sweetly teaching in her great repute

This family tree gets taken for granted
So many children grow up empty handed
Even though at times they may all disagree
There is nothing more essential than the family tree.

Melisa Bernards Feb 2017

Swirling colors dancing flames
Bring this monochrome world to shame
A rainbows arc crowning the earth
A shimmering sight proving its worth

The songs of whales echo in the deep
And the howls of a wolf grace my sleep
They are music most pure, in a world gone mute
They are so hauntingly absolute

Winters death gives way to spring
And all the flowers it does bring
The summers rays warms us all
Then cools us down with the breeze of fall

Morning grass glistens with dew
Reflecting colors of every hue
There is beauty in life, if you care to see
Just open your eyes and heart to thee

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