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Melinatedmary Oct 2015
Bringing up a black son, is a purer act of courage
When there is evident coverage
Of heavy ignorance, that blurs reasoning
To an extent that makes man a beast, and a zombie that devours the black skin
Shall I compare it to planting of hard trees?
In a wild and untamed climate
Or better still, constructing a long bridge
Across a wide river, filled with all manner of predators
It is such a complex, and demanding process
That might render the mother hopeless

When the sacred wind blows, to remind us of our different origin
The history has it all, as it tells why it is hard
When the white men plundered, all over the world
They got hold of the black men, and made them slaves
To serve and obey, without questions and delay
And everyone knew, the black is inferior, and next to the beast
The world changed though, with great struggle and war
And the inertia still, creates rifts and tension, among the black and the white
The disparity is evident, in health and power
The black dwellings are encroachments, of poverty and inferiority
There are health issues, which **** the black, and spare the rest
The disparity is wide and strong
It endangers the black sons, in the world of calamities

It pains even more, beyond the birth of a black son
Poverty and diseases, are difficult and die-hards
As they dominate, the black continent, and the black dwellings
Just as the slave dweller, the mother toils, and labors
To make the ends meet, and see the young man grow
And when he is of age, he must be sent to school
That is friendly, to both environment and the black skin
Lest your son is terrified, by the tantrums of discrimination
If it happens, God forbid, that he meets the strangers
Who scare and frighten his life
It is my role, as the mother, to repair and amend
Lest a wrong notion steals his destiny away

Why do you scare?
Of the indolent ripples of malice and hatred
That only dare, drive men from their destiny
And spread their waves, across the ocean of humanity
Oh my son, find courage, from within your heart
Pay no mind, to the ignorance of men
Black has a great meaning
That, which cannot be identified,
It is the unseen, the hidden black power

That is responsible for great achievements

When you walk by night, the suitable camouflage of your skin will protect you
From the night runners and the foes of men
When you walk by day, in the scorching fury of the sun
The darkness will shade you, against the harmful glares of the day
In a white cloud, you will be clear as the crystals
You will always stand out, when the sun is high

When the man becomes of age, and strong gentlemen
It might take the entire village, to grow a black man
The worlds need him, more than he needs it
If he ever becomes a man, much is expected of him
The mother’s role, however, cannot be overlooked
She creates the foundation, of love and courage
Which is necessary, to face the unknown, coiled in the future
The man must fight, for his way to the top
In order to pelt and create, a better place than he found it
Where equality and character, dominates the process and leadership
It might take great pain, to nurture a black son, to a man of value
However, it is worth, for such a toils bears nothing, but the best!

— The End —