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veronica Jun 14
Do you know what am i most afraid of?
Losing you.

because losing you would
**** me up
losing you was like losing myself
because everything about you
was like all i want
veronica May 17
don’t worry
i’ll be here for you
even through the bad times
i’ll stay
i’ll stay until the day i die
veronica May 16
it's better to take risk
than losing the chance
win or fail
atleast you tried
than to repent
lucky you if u taked risk winning :)
veronica Mar 15
learn to love yourself
incase when the time comes
that no one's gonna love you
right and sincerely
or when they left you
you have yourself

that's not being selfish

it's self care that comes from love
always remember that
veronica Mar 15
learn to forgive
not because they deserve chances
it's because you deserve peace
a peace of mind
you should forgive someone right now, i know you're kind.
veronica Mar 15
i wasn't born to create some poems
for you
but why am i doing this
is it because i'm into you?

really into you
there is no other for me
veronica Mar 15
i tried to commit
even if i don't know how


did i just faced my fear
how brave i am
just to love a man like you

hbu? could you face your fear too?

— The End —