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Compromised Jan 2018
Pardon me for not flying straight. I know you had plans for us to glide together, and strive for the same high together. A life together would have been serene. Something like those dreams you try like **** not to wake up from. Those you squeeze your eyes shut to upon the very first presence of light, ignoring the reality that you are now in midflight. There is no turning back, I know. Pillars of salt stand to threaten our existence if we do, so we .. part. Omitting intuition and what we think we feel in our hearts, to touch the sun. Freely run, not knowing the horizon goes on and grants no tangible delight. We know, we know, we know and for some ****** reason we still go and go and go. ******* for a greater connection to nothing.
Compromised Oct 2017
Nostalgia written on the wall,
Still looking for a call,
We all say it's better to have loved and lost,
Then to not have loved at all,

But will the erosion build,
canyons and hills,
Where it carves out terrains of pain,
For a beauty to yield?

Or a pedestrian bypass;
to behold the *******
that lets you in,
Just to *** on the grass.

No worries,
I'll cherish you still,
Allowing what agape ought to reveal,

Though I  knew you would alot me the gift of remorse,
Hindsight-blind, to allow a scorned heart to heal.
Loving after love is strength.
Compromised Oct 2017
Honey not needed,
Sugar would be too much,

All parts included,
The flavors vivid enough to touch,

Can't taste test what you don't invest,
But you beckon me to ride the wave,

So I dive in excitedly,
Foolish to behave,

Battered and shook,
We get lost in the wind,

Transformative power of love,
As Christians we sin sin sin,

But it taste so good,
To feel such depth,

We dare to live,
And boundaries, we overstep.
I love to love
Compromised Oct 2017
Cracked at the skin,
Anguished cries from within,

That ***** got me ****** up,
Really dawg,
****-of bent,

Strength stripped, heart ripped,
At the seams.
It seems,
We could never be,

But I tie my pride to the side,
Turning a blind eye,
As it dies,

For the **** .. real quick,
Let me see, what you need?
All the love, and feeling,
At your feet.

Sorry I wasn't two times the maturity, That I let you take my security.

Damp eyes for deaf ears,
Don't lose the good years.
Sometimes the imperfections, and lack of censorship, of the heart and in life generally, are necessary. Sometimes, if only for a given moment.
Compromised Sep 2017
For so long without it, ignorant of what warranted it, seeking it in others, I found it, alone, in the midst of destruction. I loved it, prayed I’d live within it, humbled by its presence. I shared it, shared me within it. I lost it. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll let it seek me this time, as I choose to be okay without it.
Compromised Apr 2017
Giving  you something you can feel,
won't promise it's real,  
I'll wait
Let love equate to this.. Physical state
We're in. Raptured.
I won't promise I'll capture your fleeting desire,
Or escavate from it a new fledgling empire,
I'm giving you something you can feel,
Just to let you know
I'm real.
Sometimes living is the only option, and what conspires from it may be everything you want, or not. But you still choose to live.
Compromised Nov 2016
Trace the lines of weary pain, carbon date of when it rained, when it poured, and those sunshine feelings that evaded by day, nightly comforts to disillusion the heart, the soul knew every troubled watered part,  sending tremors through synapses of insanity, love not lining up with minds mentality.
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