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****** hands
By :Mehrdad Nosrati (Mehreshaer)
After a puerile toil to gain more of their bike
Now are sharing their limbs cut off and diffuse
None of these two brothers would go this far in that
And won’t accept the mangling tank driver’s excuse

Our disputations had a pen of words as proof
Not a weapon of brutality you offered
Ghazza kids, our witnesses at the divine court
Testify by the change ****** hands hope covered

I’m a shia and a sunni is my brother
With the same moslem’s heart hate your savagery  
But not we alone feel like this, real jews, christians
And other believers of overall world boundary

You seem not be aware of Ghazza long history
And what a marvelous role it had played during times
So go and read the bravery of Batis against
Alexander, When chanting and clapping for your crimes

Once again I and my sunni brother tonight
After saying our common prayer will decide
How to expose your red hands to criminal court
To affect most the history’s heart by our new pride
a poem to Gaza (Ghazza) kids by Mehrdad Nosrati Mehreshaer

— The End —