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Mehar Bawa May 2015
Crimson colour shined in his eyes,
Tip tap, the voices he heard.
And in no time the knife fell from the right hand.
And in no time the pulse escaped from the left hand.

                                        Mehar Bawa
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Mehar Bawa Oct 2014
And all of a sudden  those colorful t-shirts don't make sense at all.
Those party dresses seem like a waste of cloth.
Black is what I like.
Black is what makes sense.
Because now that I know the real you,
Black is all I can see.
Black is all I can hear.
Mehar Bawa Aug 2014
It's not the wounds that are bleeding but the heart.
Mehar Bawa Jul 2014
And those teeth became more visible as she just smiled looking at herself in the mirror.
Blood in her hands.
Blood on the floor.
Red all around.
Silence had captured within it,all the sound.

She knew it was wrong but she wanted to do it anyway!
And she did it,The knife in,the knife out,and yet again,the knife in the knife out.

A part of her didn't know which hurt more,being alive or being dead!
Because the pain before killing her was equivalent to the pain after killing her.
For all she knew was her inside was dark as hell.

She had killed her own daughter before they could **** her.
She knew she had been fed with slow killing poison which she didn't want for her angel.

The girl child is a curse said the cruel world!
The minds of these people are curled.

The stories of her past to no one she could tell!
Going back to the times when the smile was not by the demons but by the angels was not something she could do.
For all she knew was her thoughts were too powerful yet she was too powerless.
She wanted to bring a change.
But she gave up too soon.
Who said her inside was dark,
It was indeed the only beautiful place in the living hell.
The world is just the doom.

Save the girl child the heavens cried.
The world became better for at least someone tried!
Mehar Bawa Jun 2014
You always run away when you see me.
Why do you fear me?
I'm the one who was with you when pitch dark poetry had conqouered your mind.
I was there when silence screamed in your ears.
I am with you,now,But but but! You won't let me touch you.
Little do you know my little girl I've always been there when blood drops fell on the bathroom floor.
Little do you know my girl!
Little do you know!
And little do you know that I've fallen for you-I CRAVE YOU!
And tonight I'm going to take you away.
Far away.
Mehar Bawa Jun 2014
Blood all around,
In her own blood she had drowned.
Thrashed,Slammed,Pushed away,
Her body had shown her soul a way out.

Silence so loud,she could hear no more.
Silence grabbed her and her body it tore.

Swallowing deep she muttered some words
For help she was trying to call some birds.
No humans could she call.
For none were left; for her, who would fall.

In her last breath she looked at all the cuts,bruises,wounds,scars she had fed herself with,
All of which had been signs of battles she had lost from herself.
Mehar Bawa Apr 2014
You know it's killing you deep inside.
Even when there's someone beside
It's getting into your mind
And no solution can you find
Your thoughts become your enemy
Your thoughts can change your destiny.
But it's better to change the thought rather than the destiny.

Your mind is your master
The thought comes after
You just have to change the thought
And that's when you're sort.
Never give up,never lose hope
Don't give up just yet,you might find some scope.
If you have the will,you will.
Because it's all in the mind,it's all in the mind.
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