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Meghan Marie Aug 2014
She prepared for nothing, as her storms go and come.

She realized the damage to be irrevocable as she spun.
Filling her skies so dreamy the stars couldn't exist
So she waited and turned
she twirled and yearned
Until the next time they could dance in the rain
For the lingering mist,
blowing winds so patiently turned to breathing in vain

She began to long for the sun to evaporate his memory,
Craved his warmth to clear the fog that never settled
For the sun had greeted her so politely for all of her days.
Meghan Marie Jul 2014
Born to exist in a time that was never supposed to be
Stars render us helpless
Ignite each thought yet destroy each heartbeat,
knowing it will never lay with mine
Three thousand miles away
Waking next to soft eyes
yet still so far from my baby blues
A love forced to be silenced, to remember what is possible
Meghan Marie May 2014
It was hard to see you across the room,
After years of pretending you never walked in.
Hard to remember, you're here alone.
It was harder to see you walking by without hesitation
As I had done countless times before

It was easy to call your name,
After years of keeping it submerged.
Easy to smile, and laugh with you again.
It was easy to see you hadn't changed,
And why I had to walk away.
Just a vent about the oddness in crossing paths with someone you've tried to forget and that gentle reminder of why you thought to. It is the most genuine trait to be genuine towards those who do not return it.
Meghan Marie May 2014
The words I cannot speak
The thoughts I dare to think
That fear in your heart
A shipwreck yet to sink

The eyes that never softened
The lips that couldn't move
The love you never gave
The love you had to prove

My reason to keep waiting
The inconsistent desire
My reason to keep leaving
The one to hardly admit the admire

Keeping yourself away
Hidden and tight
Leaving doors unlocked
Hoping for a familiar goodnight

So beautifully confusing
Afraid and almost bold
A game no longer amusing
A hopeful thought growing cold

You are 22 lines of endless notions
You are all of the stars fallen to the ocean
We rarely ever know all that we are.
Meghan Marie May 2014
Among the nights that came so slow
A murky silhouette is all I am doomed to know
This unknown world flowing through my fingers
Craving more as this wonder lingers

Undefinable by action
Yet definite in nature
Oh why do you haunt me
Beautiful creature

I reach for your thoughts
And fumble divinely
You've hidden them well
Ever so kindly

Fallen my palms
to the nape of your neck
Bringing you closer
Unable to see my curious wreck
I hope you find yourself someday and share it loudly.
Meghan Marie Feb 2014
I could keep the midnight sky forever
for it clasps our hearts calm.
To wait on this endeavor,
is a reality far too long.

Seven hours in the hush of the night
Oh what perfect insanity.
Will the sunset draw you in again?
The only time we are abandoned together.

Apart from this stale atmosphere
We've become so accustomed to.
In this unknown land i'd adore to call me home,
Perhaps one morning it will be my own.

Why do you keep secret when it's time to face the world?
Meghan Marie Feb 2014
Darkness brings thoughts of you
Over my concrete walls like fog
Cloud this mind
Move oh so slowly

Filling each valley with an unclear desire
Not a moment left untamed
Gently roaming and expanding
A thousand midnights yet, not one the same

So afraid of morning
Clean and new
But left behind, a beautiful sight
This subtle glimpse of you

Which lay upon each blade
To soak back through
To the core of my mind
So still and so confused
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