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Meghan Makenzie Sep 2017
The loneliest moment in
someone's life is when they are
watching their whole world fall
apart, and all they can do is
stare blankly.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Meghan Makenzie Mar 2017
Silence all the laughter
Everyone has gone.
Leave me here
Let life roll along.

Shut out the light
I don't wish you to see.
This empty existence
Now en-capturing me.

Close all the doors
Let no one in.
The person you knew
Is no longer me.

Lock all the windows
Make this my cell.
The Dark is my prison
This is my hell.

Block out those sounds
Let life roll along.
I can still hear the music
But it's not my song.
~ J.R.
Meghan Makenzie Jan 2017
It's sad when
You realize
What a smile
Can truly hide
Meghan Makenzie Dec 2016
Isn't it upsetting to think that
There were 107, 602, 707, 791 people
Who lived and died
On this earth before you
And soon you'll be
Just like them,
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