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megan Sep 2018
it’s scary because when they leave,
you don’t just lose them
you irrevocably lose a piece of yourself.

you become hollow and insecure,
and somehow, you blame yourself,
for loving to fiercely.
megan Sep 2018
i crave it,
i endlessly fantasize,
but im a hypocrite,
my heart would abscise.

don’t say those three words,
don’t tell me.
im too afraid,
it’s just a hyperbole.
megan Sep 2018
You flash your green eyes,
and make me fall,
a smile to hypnotize,
as comes nightfall.

but its repetition yet again,
her name's on a loop.
i try and try to abstain,
but out comes the truth

i know i could show you,
your smile could be pure,
from the sadness a breakthrough,
a new meaning for those three words.
megan Aug 2018
i realized today
i might be inlove with You
a wave of disarray
i don’t know what to do.
megan Aug 2018
i was blue but You wanted red,
i felt it in everything You left unsaid.
You said You loved my icy glow,
but You prefer her rosy manifesto.
you can me let go, you can rebuff,
i understand i’m not good enough.
megan Aug 2018
with every click of Their tongues,
i am acquiescent.
Their words fill my lungs,
audible discontent.

i swallow Their disgust,
mostly misinterpreted,
i nonchalantly combust,
now i am free.
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