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Megan Mar 2016
The world, I have always wondered.
Wanting, wishing and waiting to see
The things that lie right under.

Through countries, cities and people I'd meet
my drive at last was conquered.  
I hope my dreams come back to me.

That the world regains its wonder.
Megan Jun 2014
Today was the last day I look in your eyes and knew that you were mine
As I walk away I feel the hold you had start to fade
Blessing turned to grief
Of the moments
I won't keep
Megan Jun 2014
Contentment, the waist of busy bodies’ blind eye

This constant state might make life pass unnoticed by

And without the essence of our true self to know

Who is to correct the waywardness this world now shows

With technology a constant item of our bliss

We cannot see the natural wonders that we miss

Oh god if you just put down your **** phone

And let the beauty of this world become known

It would fill up the empty feeling in your soul

You get when sitting utterly alone

Because knowing ones own self is a true gift

That comes only to people who actively live

-Megan Ducote
Megan Jun 2014
At terminal velocity you notice you have no parachute
Or wings to help avoid the ground
The pain you fear is not the growing sidewalk
But the boy who never left the ground
Megan Jun 2014
Awake yet still asleep
Oh the dreams I dare not keep
For if I where to creep
Into this nightmare which you peep

Would it not just be the day
I fall out of bed and break
Every bone I wish to keep
Oh the falling from the deep
Megan Dec 2014
at 16:30 today i arrived at your house
excited to begin our day

you are not prefect
you are not neat
but you fit perfectly in the mess of my life

at 19:43 you arrived at your house
excited to begin your life
without me

i am not perfect
i am not neat
*i am not yours
Megan May 2017
I found out recently that I am different
Hopelessly different from people I meet

All my life I've been a misfit
Unable to properly please

Pleasing to some, my knowledge is infinite
Uneasy to some my gaze to meet

How hopelessly lonely this life is, isn't it?
An INTJ female overcoming constant defeats
Megan May 2015
I wish for laughing

I wish for laughing that the world can not stop

The kind that sounds against the teacher telling you to leave

I wish for light that fills a class room

Of children just hoping for a better future

Who have not yet found the bounds of their dreams

I hope for a new beginning

The type that comes only in new discoveries

I want a ending with new beginnings

Beginnings that start with new dreams
Megan Jun 2014
Awaken my soul with the sound of your words
The waves of your verse come over me like the waves of the ocean
Slowly washing away the imperfections, life has left on my shore

Take me away with the dream of your travels
The beauty of the world engulfs me into its undertone of wonder
For my curiosity is as deep as the sea I wish to travel

Let my heart take flight and become full
Like the sails of a ship being pushed to explore
I care not of my destination; my only wish is for more
Megan Aug 2015
My cat is black with bright green eyes
How I wish I knew her cries

That comes once every night
When I'm in the kitchen

She is such a great pain
When I try and clean

My broom, it did not come
With an attachable chum

Who thinks it's mighty great
To attack my chores and feet
Megan Apr 2017
Tell me how things are so different
How convenient over text

But face to face I see the tension
The truth of us, and our near death

Tell me how hard you are trying
Can't you show me your true depth

Apathy is the curse of caring
It will never justify your inept
Megan Jun 2014
It’s been a week today
And I refuse to wash my pillowcases
I cling to your smell fading away
The only thing real left of our lost embraces
Megan Jun 2014
Have fun with me
And love me
Roll around with me
But don’t hurt me
My heart burns again
You said I wouldn’t hurt again

Adore me
And don’t ignore me
Be a kid with me
But don’t hurt me
My heart burns again
You said I wouldn’t hurt again

Burn me
And let me yearn again
For a heart that knows me
But don’t hurt me
My heart burns again
You said I wouldn’t hurt again

Care for me
And if you don’t truly care for me
Let go of me
But don’t hurt me
My heart burns again
You said I wouldn’t hurt again

Leave me
And when you leave me
You **** apart of me
*You knew you would hurt me
My heart burns again
I don’t want to hurt again

— The End —