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Megan Foukes Apr 2019
I broke my fingers
From trying to hit you up
Why won't you call me?
Megan Foukes Apr 2019
my little coffee bean,
with your hard exterior
and bitter insides,
you bring me much joy
and life
that no human can produce
Megan Foukes Dec 2018
When you say sorry,
I only think of one thing:
It comes back to bite.
So, you better get ready.
'Cause karma's a *****,
And she doesn't play nicely.
I'm sorry, my dear.
Megan Foukes Aug 2018
As tender as a feather
You sway, swoosh, and fly.
The wind picks you up
And carries you
Into the blue sky.
You're so delicate, little feather.
You blend so well with the clouds
That I can barely see you
Through my bright green eyes.
But still I follow you.
Until I reach the edge of the cliff,
I'll stop in my tracks
And continue to long for you
As the wind continues to take you
From me.
Megan Foukes Aug 2018
To be high on life
Means you must learn to let go
And embrace the new
Megan Foukes Jul 2018
Under the moonlight
I flourish and shine so bright
But fade in the sun
Megan Foukes Jul 2018
I may be broken
But the ones who are broken
Are the most loving
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