Feb 5 Meg
Who do you think you are
To be blaming others for your mistakes
You think you are a perfect
But you’re no saint

You think I don’t have reasons
To be upset with you
I hate to bring a reality check
But I have more reason than you do

Betrayal and broken trust
Are valid reasons i’d think
Maybe you’re just so two-faced
You can’t even see past your own mistakes

You lie and lie
You skirt around the truth
You’re so fake
you even deceive yourself

You gave no apologies
For all the ways you wronged me
You tried to guilt trip and trick
But I won’t be mislead so easily

You delude yourself
Do you even know who you are?
You say the problem is other people
But it was you all along
for PF
  Dec 2017 Meg
Fox Friend
The way I yearn for you
is comparable to the way
that the sun refuses to be
even after it sinks
behind the mountains.
The glaring red hues
stain the sky
if just for a moment
after the sun has finished
providing light,
just as pictures of you
continue to invade my
The glowing strands of color
and wave
and grasp out
until they tire and slip
quietly, sadly
beyond view.
I too will tire, but until then -
let my lovely sunset unravel
for you,
my darling.
Meg Dec 2017
I'm searching for an exit but I'm lost inside my head
I'm a victim of my own mind
My over-consumption of critical thoughts
I feel I'm falling

My heavy heart is sinking from all this overthinking
Decisions in hindsight creeping into thoughts of foresight
My heavy heart is sinking from all this overthinking
Someone shine the light to end this flight

I've lost control. Again
I think I think too much
They tell me to go with the flow, don't get too involved
But it's too late for that nonsense

My mind keeps running
I really should care less
Not knowing where it's going
Hopping on the distress express

I'm falling and I can't deny it
I'm drowning in my own thoughts
I'm falling and I can't deny it

Now that I'm lost I think I'll stay
Meg Dec 2017
You know, I was doing just fine without you
That's until I saw your eyes, turn away from mine
You're imperceptible
And you're supposed to be mine

I've traveled mountains, crossed bridges, swam the sea, yet you still don't mean a thing to me

But it's only when you're in the room
When you come rushing back to me
I remember the stress you put me through
It's all clear to me

How many days, months, years
For me to forget
That once upon a time
You were here

Am I as forgettable as your silence?
How could someone be so heartless
I can waste my time on better things

Congratulations, you've made the list of people I want to forget.

— The End —