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Jul 2014 · 543
i think i scared you all with this flood of badly put together words...for that, i am sorry.
Jul 2014 · 823
Weather - to be continued
We mutter uncertainty under our breaths as the clouds float by, dragging the autumn into its arms. Have you ever stood in the rain with a heavy coat draped over your heady head?
yeah i want to see what i can do with this.
Jul 2014 · 2.0k
Super Egotistic Cheese
I’m literally sitting here. Literally. I’m figuratively doing nothing. This time allows me to think. Contemplate; the future of this mess we call adolescence. You look at the clock. Tick tock…kids stepping over my feet, as I literally sit here. Figuratively doing nothing. I’m breathing. Writing. Forming a collection of words in this memo. They don’t fit together, realistically. I would go for a smoke, but I have no cigarettes. I am a sixteen year old, who is too awkward too phone her boyfriend’s home phone, and too awkward just to pop round. I have to see miss in an hour, there’s a kid who’s sad and I have to talk to him.
   Apparently I am confident. I’m not. I just listen to powerful music which makes me feel like I can be a queen. That’s the idea. To feel comfortable you need to not care, and look after yourself. You are queen, you care for your subjects. You rule with fair point. You go out and buy yourself a crown, or shoplift one. I don’t know, just whatever makes you feel like the main *****. Find what you like about yourself and spark it. Make what you like stand out. Find the things you dislike about yourself and show it off. I don’t like my **** but hey, just shake it a bit and it’s like simple twerking. I have thunder thighs which consist of a fair amount of muscle; I have perfected the **** drop. I have become stronger because of what I put myself through. I am the only one who can hear my thoughts. So if at first you’re thinking ‘******* I’m terrified, what if I look like a ****’ fake it.

After acting like this powerful alter ego you can become her. She takes over at times. I can switch between quiet, shy Sophia; into the proud, queen ***** Patricia. Patricia the stripper. I admit this is my alter ego. She wears red lipstick, a leopard coat and thigh highs. She owns a tiara and blows bubbles in her gum. She struts to punk music and breaths arctic monkeys. She dances to jack white, ***** wiggles and all. She sings Kate Nash and the kooks, because she needs to keep her showgirl ship with class and talent as well as outright hot radiation. She has no idea what she is doing, as long as everyone is happy and entertained; she is satisfied with her life. She loves everyone because they all contain a characteristic she adores.

I also have another alter ego who has no name. This is the first time I’m referring to her as her own alter ego. She’s like a ****** of crows. An unkind of ravens. She wears dangerously applied dark makeup. She always wears full black. She’s pretty much a Goth who thrives on shock, horror and Edgar Allen Poe. Her favorite author is Stephan king and she has murderous thoughts. She pouts. She is, oh so pouty; with darkened lips of a cherry flavor. She makes sassy comments which sometimes come out as unintended bitchiness. She scares people, but they call her cool. She’s a bass player, with a strong stance and a black bra and thong set. She smokes like a chimney. She has ash-ened dark lungs like her mind. She’s my biting ***** ego. She hates anything that’s negative in the human spectrum of life. Ironic. She can’t stand hate but embodies it. She smiles at kids playing or people busking. Under the black shell intended to scared, she has the interior of a marshmallow. Fluffy hair, pastel teddy choker, and a love for giggling. She smells or strawberries, cherries and bubble-gum. She is actually really happy; this drives people mad as they can’t label her…neither can I, unless this pinkie paradise is one of her own. Like all my egos…she is happy.
I started writing out of boredom. Then it became advise for this kid I had to talk to about confidence *the kid who's sad* . Then it became a summary of my alter egos. We share here...this is all just rambling bull...but hey who doesn't like dumb ****, am i right?
I always make friends with homeless people. Maybe it’s the *** stained teeth and friendly personalities that draws me too them. When I’m in town you can find me with laughing people, who hold nothing to their being by the end of the day. I love them. They’re so happy, grateful and remind me of everything I want to hold in my heart. They are the sun, surrounded by dark clouds but still radiating through the grey. The public of Surrey in their white designer tops and overpriced jeans will never realize this. Call me a sucker but I would give everything to these people. The friendlier they are the more they deserve it. They always seem to be the ones who have been in their situation for the longest and have tried every method of getting the necessities we indulge on. The saddest, and grittiest are usually new to their world. It’s such a cool world mind. All of them sing punk music, create such beautiful art and tell the most interesting woven stories. They are deep. Very deep. They have been to one end and back, up and down. Being surrounded by these people can be dangerous at times mind. One day I could be engulfed by a dark crowd. By dark I mean, what parents and young teens imagine when they think about going out to the grungy parts of town; the stereotypical stench of creepy men glowing with peoples fear of them. Rapists, *** traffickers, hard-core drugs, drunk men breathing down your neck and pulling roughly on your arm. I’ve been kissed on the cheek by a drunken dark mess, but he soon got punched by another. They respect people consent, children and females of any age. I don’t care if it’s a sexist old age thing for men to feel protective over women. Women are the most scared when regarding this world. I was scared. It was only a kiss on the cheek but that could lead on to so much more if left to slide. That’s why he got punched. You don’t cross boundaries. It’s the same with any person; have or have not. At the end of the day, I find the characters with scruffy attire and a perfume of ****, cigarettes and beer more comforting and safer than those who breed Topshop, Topman, Hollister Apple and Urban Outfitters. I am the kid all parents would fear to let out on their own. And they should. I’m going to get myself in trouble one day, talking to strangers and hanging around gritty areas alone. But it’s better than when I used to shoplift. And anyway…I feel a lot happier after I hang round these people.
Why are people scared of people?
Jul 2014 · 4.2k
Its a killer
Its a killer.
Like anger to a bee.
Like Hope in the eyes of a decided fate.
Like Music to my ears, we fade slowly together. Our feet move in step time sync.
Its a beauty; like the swan.
A flap of the wings in the water light.
A twist of the neck; a break of your arm.
It's a killer, with the name of Love.
I laid a paragraph put like a it poetry now? there are no enjambments or rhyming patterns, but does that matter
I should waste more time revising. I feel as though it may benefit me; may I extrapolate the fact I stated waste more time, not spend. I could use that time practicing songs on my bass or beating Mario’s *** on the GameCube. I feel mediocre but that’s okay because I AM mediocre; and a sell-out. I should make that point clear. I smoke; not like a chimney, it depends on if I feel like combusting into a cloud of tobacco ash. I would happily crementate my being. I would happily get hit by a car and become the road ****. I would happily fall from a concrete building into a six foot deep cavern. Passive suicidal thoughts at eight in the mourning; just like coffee but it doesn’t make you need to ****. Just those bitter moments you need to get your day started on the wrong side of the bed.
Excuse my spellings of combusting and crementate...both mean to burn in some way or another... This was the only time i stressed about exams and i never really stresses. im glad its over. i do smoke a lot more now.
Jul 2014 · 2.0k
'Cause I'm a Creep - Weirdo
At the end of this time with ????, I will look back on my emotions and force myself to believe they’re lies; this is in order to save me the burden of missing him but no, they’re the biggest lies I will ever force myself to tell. I think I love him. I love him like a friend. No. I love him like a…I’ve never loved someone before so I cannot make a comparison. I don’t know my limits or boundaries. Love is a limitless emotion. We have the capacity to love all with no end. I love everyone. I love ????. I want him to drown me with his presence, but I don’t want to dominate his time. I see him rarely in comparison to, most of the people that go about this relationship business- even those long-distancers with their Skype.
Whenever I do see him I want to hide in his arms, his kiss, his passion, his slumber. I want to lie on a space of grass with him, smoke and stare at the sky. We will look at the blue for so long that when we come down and look at each others faces we can see the sun circles fill our pupils. Then they will clear, revealing the space in our eyes. Unlimited life, galaxies and possibilities. We will claim we can see the future, our souls intertwined in a dance of laughter and stumbling. We ignore the stumbling, unsure of what disagreement may do to us. We debate, but on meaningless things which just spark our conversation and ends up in heated kissing.
I’m scared of his eyes. I will die in those eyes, when he inevitably leaves me for a pretty girl with a smaller **** and bigger rack. But then I see us bumping into each other in town later; he left the girl and wants someone less vapid. I giggle, he chuckles. We look at each others eyes, and like blinking back the burning sun spots we blink back our old, shared feelings. Our terrestrial sphere. Our insides whine, we ache, and we leave, part. A weeknight later I go to a party, I get drunk, I see him. Sun circles. I sit in the garden in my solitary hallucination, smoking the hell out of a pack and imploding into ash-ened lungs. I see him again, meters away, smoking. I call his name, he wanders over; and then we drink ourselves blind and make out. It starts again the same way. I worry.
I love to say his name, it’s like my tongue has turned to smoke and is floating away from my mouth in dissipating curls; I don’t say his name often. If he says my name I disintegrate, my shell chips away, my love for him increases. When he laughs and his face cracks into light, I want him. I want him to want me. I want him to think about me when I’m not around. I want to make him happy. I want him to love me. I want him to lust for me. I don’t want him to hurt.
He used to hurt himself when he was a small kid. He burned and he cut his neck. He was hospitalized a lot. He moved from Scotland when he was young. His favorite color is purple. His ex was…I just don’t want him to hurt. I ache when he tells me about everything that hurts him and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want him to hurt…I want him to skin me alive and use my layers as a blanket; if that means I can comfort him then, so be it. If that was the only way, I would let him, just so long as he can drown and suffocate his hurt. I will strip and hold the blade against the flesh myself if it spare him the damage. It’s such a ****** way to think, but my heart and brain agree that I would do anything to make him happy.
I would time travel, and cuddle him before he even started entertaining the thought of harming himself. I will dress up as one of the main ***** fairies from Zelda – I don’t ******* know, those fairies creep me out. If one of them told me not to hurt myself I wouldn’t out of fright towards that face. Argh those fairies faces…
You’re turning me obsessive; I smell your scent and I feel like you’re wrapping yourself around me. You’re so, so, so intelligent; I don’t care that you think you’re not…you are okay. You are the most intelligent guy I’ve ever met and ever will meet. You’re a sucker for keeping people happy, and that’s adorable as ****. You will never leave someone looking a bit sad, you will strive to make them smile and spark their inner fire. You’re a lighter. You’re someone everyone needs in their life at some point. Those who are lucky enough to share your time own the world, you are the greatest honor to accompany. I will continue to praise you because you are the embodiment of good. I would say perfect but, you’d argue against it. Why? No-ones perfect, but people are amended, think karma…yours is balanced. You’re perfect for your friends, your elders, your peers and me. I am an unrequited love for your entity. You drive me mad; mad with every emotion I can think of. I feel so happy. With you. Happy. Light. Sun circles. Usually I’m empty. Passive. What I know for sure is that, I love you.
I'm not going to tell you who ???? is. I was very drunk when I wrote this, and seeing myself be this...weird is not common. I don't like admitting my love for people but i think ???? deserves it...he will never see this though.
Jul 2014 · 2.2k
“trypophobia is kawaii"
I put on a cutesy voice because I’m the unexpected murderer of happiness. It makes more of an impact acting like a dumb blonde ***** to society’s expectations, that when I come out with ****** methods one wants to scream and run away. I’ll tell you what makes me squirm, being touched and googling fear of holes. Those pictures make me want to ***** and **** myself at the same time. Gore and pain…I can handle. But loads of deep circular imprints on the skin from leaning on things… I can’t. It will make me implode.;=firefox-a&hs;=AeF&rls;=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel;=fflb&source;=lnms&tbm;=isch&sa;=X&ei;=R-q6U--BKszo7AbvwYHoCQ&sqi;=2&ved;=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&biw;=1280&bih;=913
Jul 2014 · 14.0k
Animal Planet
Animals walking on two feet with a vindictive demeanor and a lustful passion to multiply. Constructing tall grey buildings to rot in till their core. An infinity of dirt in the constricted paradise of cleanliness and sweat. They take poison to recreate their animalistic character; small round pills of concentrated electricity and happiness. Freedom in conductive shots.
May 2013 · 574
this turning earth
Pursuing the inevitable chase of the moon
An endeavour I wished not to be apart in
But however here I reside in my vessel
With my painted pictures of misery
lining healed skin
Chasing after pale radiation
And avoiding demise
But I trip
Travel slow
For I am in no rush
As the earth leaves without me
It rotates with no regrets
Rush into the haze
And I watch
With four sore eyes
And a lack of sight
May 2013 · 408
I just need the world to stop for a second,
So I can knot my brain together.
May 2013 · 836
It's a rotten deal
Don't treat me like a child
Because I've been here for fifteen years.
These tired eyes have lived the world
And are still eager to accept more

I have seen demise
I've lived in a death oppressed mind
A have, been in the coma of death
But resurrected no doubt
By the chemicals of hospitalised insanity.

I love the world
And by that I mean
The world does not love me back
Nothing loves me back.
But I still love

How ever human we may be
We will always be stuck down
By authority figures
Giving us, not guidelines
But detailed blueprints
On how we go by our days
Its a pain
But its life

We have to deal with it
Like how we deal with our cards
I'm not sure what you've pulled
Out of the pack
It doesn't compare with the bloodstained broken hearts I have.
Does it?
Like every teenager I would assume that it doesn't.

Because I reside in my mechanical mind
Powered by words sung in gritty harmony
You are humans
Objectifying yourself
to your preferred ***.
And you shall live and die
getting over the news in a average week.
Drinking six foot deep into beer bottles
Thinking about the days that have passed
Its may
Five months since I
Touched your sweet ***.
May 2013 · 587
so fluffy inside
I'm not one for falling in love
Or having a crush as such
But sometimes I really do
Want to scream in your face about
How ******* great you are
And how my tummy goes all squiggly just thinking about you and
Your face
Your pretty face
Your dry sense of humour and lack of giving a ****
Who cares?

Me and you
We go together
You may not know but
I feel it in my gut
And well
We'll get along listening
To our
Favourite songs and
We even share the similar tastes in movies
Which we could cuddle to and talk about
That would be the great bit about me and you

We'd talk about the world, our hearts and brains
But nothing would ever change
We'd still act like
The kids we're know for acting like but
We'd share this fondness which
No one could ignore
I just want you to think the same too

Me and you would get along.
May 2013 · 1.5k
this orbit of entity
The world is but an oyster
which we all are forced to inhabit
in a scramble of arms, legs and meaningful dreams.
A disaster in the wake.
A broken-hearted fowl.
A disinterested love interest
with a clasp on the bitter reality of rain clouds and hurricanes.
We lie in the waiting,
tell truth in the rush,
We never really understood the world and how it rolls.
May 2013 · 418
crap and other shit
We should smell the flowers sometime.

*-Yes...we should
Broken hearts are to be feared.
Mind over matter,
love before trust.
You hate your parents? I hate mine too

Let's bathe in our misendemors
as love
and matter
crumble before our broken-hearted feet.

We trust each other like love never did. This is how we live.
Misers amongst misery.
*They all run in fear.
Like poetry in his ears,
       She whispered softly
As the sun and moon set together
Putting the universe into an un-ticking frame.

The humans, now plunged into fear as time has now stopped,
And their bedtime stories of religion and science both have collided into a twisted grim tale.
          A horror story?
     A horror film.
   A chainsaw massacre in its un-bloodied glory.

The stopping of ones time for ones self.
  Its unimaginable stopping of minuets thickly spread
       With the promise of heaven
And the blackmail of hell.
Like two drug infested adolescents tied together
in a knotting of legs and arms
grasping onto their other in a desperate out of breath race to taste artificial oxygen.
We waltz in our movie picture romance
like ribbons clawing the air with satin misdemeanour.
"I love you" thy lady will sigh, with a rush of body limbs
and a chucking of worthless organs into the partners coma-patient,
poisoned state.

— The End —