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Josiah Sim Nov 2018
Can you see me?
Josiah Sim Nov 2018
I caw, he squawk
I’m grey, he’s black
Attention is what I lack
So I mimic him
What he looks
What he did
To stand and mock
My friendship with him
Is as solid as a rock
For without him
I would never become
Josiah Sim Nov 2018
I was once on the ground
Flying only a few meters
Now I spread out my wings
Piercing through the sky
Josiah Sim Nov 2018
Oh how do I start?
Her voice is like the birds singing
Her words taste like honey
Her will an upright tree
And her passion as scorching as the sun
The clouds her dreams
And the rain her tears
Finally, as I look up into the night sky
I see her eyes filled with stars of hope
Tell me, how can I not be in love with her?
Josiah Sim Nov 2018
I am just a raven
I was the one who was sent
To see the waters rise and recede
But my story forgotten by a dove
Now you ignore me
But yet you mistake me
For a measly crow
When I squawk, you tell me to shut up
But when I am silent, you mock me
So I squawk, and it repeats
I pick up your scraps and waste
Left on the battlefield
With my hard work and precious time
Yet you look up to the soaring eagle
Forgetting who cleaned your mess
I wanted to write this to you
To remember me
But now I mourn with these phrases
Because who would need to listen to me?
Raven is a poem about people who have so much potential and good character. However, they are forgotten and disguised.

— The End —