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 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
Tulip Chowdhury
Always a dreamer
I imagine of going places
where I can't,
reaching the stars
that are never near at hand,
walking along Milky Way
knowing well,
it won't be any way.

And this foolish heart
falls in love
in the same way,
loving all alone
yet content with
love not being returned.

This wild heart
chooses to be foolish
love is something
that can't be erased
or otherwise.
 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
For You
 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
The sun,
It bleeds for you
You know
Everyday, it puts on
That brilliant show
Just for you
And at the end
Of each beautiful day
The stars come out
And they shine,
Just for you
Only for you
 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
Linni Krieg
Forget me
I havent slept for days Because of you
Tell me
Are you happy now?
Days and weeks are passing by
And you lie
I dont want to be with you
I would rather be without you
Forget me
 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
Sk Abdul Aziz
When i look at kids all around
It constantly reminds me
As to what a good person i once was
Untainted by the filth of society
Uncorrupted mind
Free mind
A mind which didn't think or analyse too much
A mind which didn't try to make sense of everything
Soul intact
Then like everyone else i underwent the metamorphorsis...
...i grew up
And things were no longer the same
The society had pulled me into its ***** mess
I had lost my sense of innocence
The purity of my soul was tarnished
The devil got a big chunk of it
I was no longer a fan of light
Darkness is what started to like
Perhaps when i saw the dark side of life
It affected me adversely
And i've been trying to recover ever since
I keep telling myself that i'm better than this
But somehow i just can't seem to find my old self..
...The 'me' who had goodness in him
I'm fighting the world
I'm fighting my inner demons
But i seem to be failing
With every passing day i can feel myself falling into this abyss of chaos and hopelessness
The pressures of society
The burden of expectations
I'm a grown up
I'm expected to do the right things
I'm supposed to be sensible
I'm constantly judged
I honestly don't know how i've made it through the jungle of life and reached this far
Seems only like yesterday
When i was a small boy
Enjoying life
Not worrying about nothing
And here i am today
With a bruised and battered soul
And a fragile body
Life has virtually drained me out
I mean...have you seen the world lately?
It's a freaking circus
A heartless monster
The competition is unreal
People will do almost anything for the sake of success
Even betray and backstab you
When i was a kid i always thought that life was all good and happy
And the world was such a beautiful place
And then when i grew up...
....i realized how heartless both life and the world can be at times
At times when i look at kids
I envy them
They are in such a good phase of their lives
Sometimes i wish i never grew up
I was better off as a kid
 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
Numb and Dumb
 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
I believed every word and emotion,
you must of used a potion,
I don't believe anyone!
But somehow you won,
I was played like an instrument, inanimate and serving you.

You just said the word and I was a slave,
I thought it was for love and I was brave,
I thought it would be something I crave,
even if at the start I saw you give me a goodbye wave.
*It's all fine now that I'm numb and dumb forever...
 Apr 2016 Md HUDA
Normal is a delusion of grandeur.
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