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  Jul 2014 Mckenna Lynn
A heart
if at peace
gives life
to the *body
  Jul 2014 Mckenna Lynn
Andrew Durst
The sun and flowers
didn't seem to
       shine today.
But the smile
upon my face
Sometimes things don't always go as planned.
But that shouldn't prevent you from having a good day!
Make the best of every situation!
Although it's easier said than done,
it sure as hell won't hurt to try!
Mckenna Lynn Jul 2014
Although hard to admit,
I've come to realize
that you’re the bad habit
I’m unwilling to break.
Mckenna Lynn Jul 2014
His love an ocean,
and she was willing to *drown.
Mckenna Lynn Jul 2014
It’s been months
since I saw the twinkle
in your eyes,
hypnotizing in the most
innocent sense.
Nothing has seemed
to ever shine so bright,
though I have searched
The only thing
that has ever come close
are the numerous
glowing stars in the
silent night sky.
I only wish that it didn't
pain me to lay out at night
and admire them
for I can’t help but think;
we’re looking at the same stars,
but I use these stars
to satisfy the craving
for something as
brilliant as your
twinkling eyes,
and you look at them
without a single fleeting
thought of myself
and the days
we once shared.
"His eyes shined like the stars in the sky"
  Jul 2014 Mckenna Lynn
If it doesn't set your insides on fire, is it really love?
Mckenna Lynn Jul 2014
Someone once told me;
stand up once more
than you are
pushed down.
But what if I
no longer have
the strength
to keep
"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."
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