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McKayla Riggs May 2015
at all
I told you I love you
you said it first
been through hell and back
many times

you could be talking to me
but your playing a game
I get it
when a female is wanted
then the guy pays attention

I wish I could be back
in the 50's
and have a relationship
that was more then

where the guy did nothing
but pay attention to the girl
where a girl wanted to marry
a guy like her father

not now
  May 2015 McKayla Riggs
Cristina Dean
you awake
in the early morning
around 7 a.m
every time
move closer
pull me in
wrap an arm around me
use the other
to caress the skin
of my neck
upper back
and for the shortest
moment i can suspend
the reality of
what we are
over me
replace it
with a warm caramelized

until your running fingers
take speed
and bring me back
to the
place and thing
i exist for you
You know, I think I've known
For quite a while now.
The constant sneaking around,
The ******* up.
Oh, honey, you're not
As smooth as you thought.

No, you're not sly at all.
You don't think I've heard
You giggling and
Groaning at three in the morning?
You must mistake me
For a fool, dear.

And I guess that nothing
Feels as good as her skin
On your's, right? Her
Moans of ecstasy are music
To your filthy ears. You
Can't keep your stained hands off.

I'll pull the knife out of
My back and cut your heart
Out, because baby, all I
Wanted was your heart. I
Hope the blade feels like
Your frigid fingertips.

"How does that feel? "
Your body is covered in her
Sweat, your blood, my rage.
Oh, darling, have you ever
Felt anything like this before?
"Does that feel good, baby? "

Blood thirsty, love turned me
Into a psychopath. Let me tear
You apart, limb by limb,
Just like you've done to me.
Feel my pain;
Suffer like I have.
I can still feel
The warmth
of your touch

I can still feel
Your tongue
in my mouth

I can still feel
Those eyes
filled with
****** desires

I can still feel
my body
for your touch

I'm missing you
every moment,
Your touch,
Your kiss,
your love.....etc
This is for you my dear **** guy
The most **** thing about a guy has nothing to do with his clothes, hair or eye colour.

It's in the way he looks at you with longing, when you finally find out he wants you just as badly as you want him.

When he pulls you so close to him that there is literally no space between you, because he can't stand the thought of there being any.      

When he kisses you, so that it feels as if he is stealing the air from your lungs, and for those few seconds you forget what air even is.
When all thoughts go out the window and its just him, with you,in the most simple way possible.

Now that is the definition of ****.
Pure passion is ecstacy...
McKayla Riggs May 2015
I've fallen
After I told myself that I wouldn't after Joey
I've fallen

In love you the way my best friend loves food
I've fallen
For you
Your smile
Your laugh
The way you make me feel
Now I feel like I'm crumbling to where I was
We promised
I won't break it
But this is killing me
I miss you
I love you
That will never change
I miss him so much
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