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when i saw you
i turned a blind eye
you were talking i listened
my ears anxious, craving sound

i think you have beautiful voice in accordance of your intriguing appearance the day had to be embraced with a hug

holding your hand became a sacred dialect that made sense
McDonald tsiie Dec 2018
-why do you take pictures?
"for memories"
-do you know that memories fade?
"every picture has a story"
-well who's the writer?

"me (muse); hence the cover page"
  Dec 2018 McDonald tsiie
Poetic Eagle
As l reminisce on the past days
All l can say is thank you God
Had so many downs but still got up
Not by might not by power
Better is the ending than beginning of the matter. It's been a long  hard year but behold everything had passed away. After all joy cometh in the morning
  Sep 2018 McDonald tsiie
“you leave me breathless” she sighed, as their lips parted
“then take mine” he offered “all I have is yours”
Wanted to try something different
McDonald tsiie Sep 2018
so the early birds sing the morning blues
whilst the sun rises by your smile
the bees yearn for something to cherish as new
waking up the little stallion butterfly
aestheticism for when it is due
resembles decorations in your eye
nature lies inside a chest for truth
from a soulful, lovely, pulchritudinous kind
you played your hurtfulness part
one thing left for me is to divide the ocean and cry
although it was hard tearing, nothing is ever too vast
those painful, unworthy waterfall's will dry
you're as blind as an astray heart
and this is the last time i say goodbye
The Love Religion...
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