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My recklessness was my belief in
if you love me or you want me to give it a try.
"It does not depend on “Love Grows" in one's heart.
It's should be the love of God to us and it's should be bold as death...
I am always restless
When I am trying to love you.
No No No
It's when I want you to love me.
It hurts because
I couldn’t crack your code.
It hurts because
I gave mine out foolishly
It hurts because
I don't know how to wait for such…love to grow.
I risk everything because This is my ultimate risk of them all.
No Insurance Premium
Thanks Wihelmina Randall for the Prefect Heading.
Wake, Eat, Work,
There are in betweens, Sleep,
what else.
We Loop.
And we think we live.
We Loop.
That what we are made for.
Our possibilities can't never be outside the MAKER's Box.
If not we will not be Looping..
Love  be not selfish
Love be not jealous
Love be not envious
Love be not rude
Love be not idle

Love be an emotion
Love be faithful
Love be forgiving
Love be a want
Love be a hope
Love be a need
Love be joy
Love be selfless
Love be true
Love be kind
Love be patient
Love be righteous
Love be respectful
Love be trusting

Love be a home filled with children's laughter.
Love is greeting a stranger with a sincere smile.
Love is treating others with care, taking a small moment in all our activities to consider the next person.

Looking at our world, if love was a species, surely it it would be a protected species.

Is love still alive ?
I'm sure yes
God created us in his image
God is love
Love was Our species (the human)
Love should be me
Love should be you
Love should be a nation
Love should be our race

What have we become?
When the world turn against you
And call you

ill-fated man
Museum without Statues
Darkness darker than Blindness

The Saddened Sun
That will not shine
A rainless **** that brings drought
A trackless Album

Father!/ Mother!
The daily thoughts of these words
Is like the butterfly effect caused hurricane
But you are graced with
Hopeful favour daily.
After the storm,
Comes a new life

Where stiffness echoes,
You are graced.
Where thoughts are underneath
You are hopeful
Where odium creates circumstances of blames
You are favoured
With the Window of Laughter.
No Woman or Man is barren
Have you ever had an unchoice feeling toward him/her
Cold and Hot at Same
Burning Stomach & Cooling Chest

That is how/what I feel every time
I argue or misinformation with you

I lost you, I believe I did
But in my unbelieve
In this mist of burning & cooling chaos.

The butterfly wind effect buttered me with Hope.

THAT WE CAN BE (That Mine)
You know better. (CAN WE?
when you love something, someone
your hurts yourself
one way or another
love is suppose to enrich, bless,
make you whole...
but if it is not and you are hoping
it will
just believe in all your unbelieve
and get sense!
We are scared of being hack...
We secure our login details with cryptic passwords
& forget the actual is YOU!!!

If you doubt me
sign out from your social media
for one week
& See if you are really secure
Or you have been hacked as a Person.

The Actual hacks are not your devices,
But You!!!
Bio Hack...
social media
See that Smile
Like Diamond
Among the Dust of the Stars.

I don't know you
But your smile
reflex your Heart

It shines like
A Thousand Suns
In Collision.

It's Light, Gives Life
It's Ray, Gives Hope
It's Contagious, Gives Riches
It's Core, his Love
It's Word, Gives Creation
Time with it's Season Came
After the collision
She leaves
Livelessnessly Like a Tree
without a taproot
To Hold,
To Feed.

It's So cold
Why can't you
come back to Us.?.
Why is the Cruel?
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