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Brent 6d
There is nothing more stimulating
Than the thoughts I have at night.
Just when I try to fall asleep,
My mind puts up an exhausting fight.
I can’t sleep 🤯

2 am | 01-15-21
Brent Sep 2020
Our story was short,
But it was filled with bliss.
I’m grateful to you for,
Giving me peace.

You held my hand,
I held yours too.
We were floating in air,
But we never flew.

As the last chapter ends,
As I put the pen down,
I thought of you —
In your laugh and smiles, I drown.
✍🏻 4 S

- B, 09-23-20, 01:45
Brent Aug 2020
I want to see,
What your eyes see.
I want to feel,
Your soul’s glee.

Out of touch
And out of sight.
On different sides,
But we’ll fight.

Hold my hands
And hold them tight.
Baby we’ll jump,
No matter the height.

“Trust me, love,
Just close your eyes.
Because together,
We’ll reach for the skies.”
A pretty straightforward one. I’ve no idea where these feelings will lead me

- B, 08-31-20, 01:40
Brent Jul 2020
I want so badly to be devoured by myself
And to still feel at ease, at home
Despite all the voices inside telling me
"This is no place for you to roam"

I've nothing left to do
Nowhere left to go
But I continue running
And putting up a show
Ever felt like you are not comfortable with your own skin, with who you are? Or how you are not in a place where you belong but you have to still have your **** together because people are watching. ***** man
Brent May 2020
We were there - the both of us
Reaching for the stars
Writing adventures, stories,
Moments that were never ours

You made me believe,
You made me feel, think
That an entire book could be written
But we suddenly ran out of ink.

The stories that made it into paper
Once crumbled will never,
Never go back to how it was.
On this page the words stopped, forever.
Brent Apr 2020
People always say words can heal what's broken
But all I hear are words that are fleshless and empty
Loud cracks heard as they pierced through me
Emanating nothing but vicious pain aplenty
Brent Apr 2020
My heart is shattered
No one is to blame but me
Ashes are scattered
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