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Mayur dembda Mar 2019
female poets are very strong.
Mayur dembda Mar 2019
you came to me
as a cold breeze in sunny summer

my knees started to shiver
and all sweat soaked in my clothes
Mayur dembda Mar 2019
thinking way too loud
everybody is listening to my thoughts

i'm shouting
to fit in
in a crowd of strangers desiring
to be normal

but what is normality

i see it everywhere
and everywhere it is
Mayur dembda Jan 2019
From rising up on a shiny day,
To lying on the bed to repeat that again.
Whatever time you say of your day,
You go through a lot of things you might not even know if you’ll gain.

Your mind is busy far away,
Analyzing and processing.
Understanding the things happened that day,
Soon to be rusted out and will be not good enough for obsessing.

The Time is changing,
Making your generation an older one.
The new Generation is leading,
Showing us as an old man who can’t meet up with them and run.

Think for a while,
What could have happened?
If you cared about what was happening on your time without being fragile,
You might not know but maybe it was your day
You could have grown through the day.
Mayur dembda Jan 2019
It’s me, the one nerd
Yes, who you used to throw your
hand made paper planes when I was concentrated in the books,
then pass your homework like I was your personal tutor
And made me cry on my way
back to home

It’s me, the fat
Yes, who you did not consider for cheerleading team just
because I was out of shape
And made me cry on my way
back to home

It’s me, the gay
Yes, who you used to beat up in the locker room for being
attracted to the same gender.
And made me cry on my way
back to home.

It’s me, the differently abled
Yes, who you used to punch,
slap, toss
anytime you wanted to do so.
And made me cry on my way
back to home

Listen to this, bully
It came to our mind, many times
to **** ourselves
because of the humiliation and the pain. but at our home door, we stood,
wiped the tears
because can’t show mama
that we were weak
and dad that we couldn’t stand for ourselves.

we did survive through, alive
but with remarks and scars
and with a shattered heart
Bullying is very bad.
Please don’t hurt other people.
Be kind to everyone.
Mayur dembda Jan 2019
She carried that petite black dress
Small and delicately build, Sleeveless and backless
I Had no clue what she was posing for
But trying to hint, getting to me, Step by step.
She made me isolated
Removes the only pin and reveals the mystery
**** it felt like the secret was out
Her body covered with nothing but nakedness.
Reaching my core and my desire.
She popped the champagne the way no one could have and already had me stunned.
Then she made me furious and energetic
But postpones until we had our drinks done.
My lips were unused, I was still dressed
Making me more uncomfortable.
She orders me to lie on the bed
And enters with all the power and inclination.
As I was laid back and felt the flood of emotions
With the captivating smell of the candles.
She felt herself, I felt her
Wetter than any weather
Warmer than any animal
Stripped my skin through her lips
Made my comfort in her discomfort
When In world no one leaves their nakedness open.
that day I deified a stranger’s body.
Explicit and strong language.
Mayur dembda Jan 2019
Unsaid thing
makes unsatisfactory

— The End —