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Mayank Mishra Jun 2013
Without doubt my ******* points
To all those who discouraged me..
Even if you are my kith and kin..
If even once you treat me like a bin..
With proud I shall say..
You belong to the group of ..
All those who discouraged me..
Whenever you mocked in play..
On my dreams and say...
That I won't be able to do it..
Dear Sir, with pleasure go find your next victim..
Cause may be you ain't got what it takes..
Its discouragement which makes..
Me stronger by the day..
You can hit and hide..
But only I will decide ..Where you belong..!
And you are one of those ..Who discouraged me..!
Jun 2013 · 412
What is poetry ?
Mayank Mishra Jun 2013
What is poetry ?
It is the hymn of liberty
The song of heart
It is the pouring of clouds on the dusty ground
It is to say what it is to be around.

What is poetry ?
Nothing but the prayers of a love
Written in a code
That is unlocked only by the true
It is the sound of a river
Heard only by those who wish to drown.

What is poetry ?
The flight of a bird
Wind beneath my wings
Words written on the heart
Of love, joy and disdain
Of the winters and the rain.

What is poetry ?
It is everything of importance
But words on paper
Yet so silent and always loud
Like a muffled drum
Only heard if heard.

What is poetry ?
But God's language
Bestowed upon Man
Like sea and land
It is beauty and joy
It is just a broken toy.

What is poetry ?
But a single flow of water
Gushing among the waters of a river
Like an arrow born to sped
Before it leaves
it shivers in the quiver
It is an ocean of thoughts
squeezed into a droplet.

— The End —