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This world is too big for us
And love seems too true
Don't lose yourself in the process
Wouldn't you rather be you?
Close your eyes
As the world drives by
And pretend theres more to life than just a red light
Sleep all day
Dance in the rain
That falls all night

Ignore the knocks on the door
They don't really want you

So tell me girl
What's next for you?

She said 'I don't have anywhere to go
Stop asking me because I don't know'
I just wanna hide under my bed

Walk through empty streets
Keep those tears on your cheeks
They're all that's real
Like earthquakes
Seem so surreal
I don't think I'm ready for tomorrow
I'm caught up in yesterday
Drowning in the sorrow
Trying to colour the overwhelming grey

My hair needs cutting
Among other things
I'm sick of staring at the wall
While the phone rings

I feel so alone that it hurts
I can feel it in my chest
I only know how to make things worse

The days roll by
The leaves changing
My life is an empty sky
Cause life's such a strange thing
I know you're tired of listening
But all my songs are about you
And how I wish I knew what I had

I'm sorry it had to end that way
I ran out of words to say
To keep you around
I wanted another chance
Just another dance
No matter how crazy that sounds

A year on I still think of us
Our favourite records collecting dust
They don't sound like they used to
They don't sound the same without you

I'm sorry it had to end that way
I ran out of words to say
To keep you around
I only wanted another chance
Just one final dance
As crazy as it sounds

I should have let go
I know I was never enough
And I crumbled when things got rough
I just wasn't ready to love

I was too young to know
How these things seem to go
The give and the take
The hours of arguing
Following every mistake
I thought this was meant to be behind every happy song
Nothing could go right cause it was already wrong

I know I wasn't good enough
But maybe it'll be different this time.
Too scared to try again.
I remember you kissing me
With that aching breath
Where life is pretty
But in the moonlight looks like death

The bands out of tune
Playing to an empty room
And the bar maid wants to go home
I've lost myself
All my songs are about you
The same words with different chords
I'm looking for something new
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