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Maven Jul 2013
It's late at night and she's all alone
Except for me, her secret admirer, watching her every move, through a window outside her home

She turns on some music, dances **** and slow
The best part of my day,I sit back and enjoy the show

I watch her undress and get ready for bed
She wants me to join her, she needs me to join her
Thoughts that race through my head

Her body calls out to me, my heart beats slow
One day she'll know how I feel. This, I certainly know

Infected with lust, drunk with passion
Tired of watching, time for action

With the best intentions, I approach her door
Nerves prevent me from knocking. I turn around, I can take, no more.

Next time I'll go through with it, I wont let fear stop me
I think I can, I know I can, I will, wait and see.

Until next time, it's back to the shadows, even in darkness does her beauty glow

Her Watchman forever, looking through.......her Bedroom Window
Maven Jul 2013
She loves me, she loves me not
I cannot resist, I love her too.
Shes bad for me, so bad for me
Cant see happiness in our future, only tragedy.

Why even Try? To fall in love all over again
Watch her leave, feel my heart die.
But, everytime I hear her voice, smell her perfume, touch her skin
I fall right back into that deadly trap.
Here we go again

I despise her for hurting me
Tell myself over & over
The more I hate, the harder I love
I can wait to hold her

She is a part of me, the connecting strand to my double helix
If ever our love died, it would surely rise from the ashes, the most beautiful Phoenix.

The fire inside me burns as hot as the sun
Its best we don't get close. I warn her; leave, hide, run!!
I know she wont listen, she knows she wont listen,
We know she wont listen.

Love can be an amazing force
The power to create
The power to destroy
Passion & Pleasure
At the expense of others pain, good times we enjoy

Over & over again,
I tell myself, its possible for us to be “only” friends
She belongs to someone else
We're playing with fire
Will we burn in the end?
I give in, she gives in
The flame is ignited
Here we go again
Maven Jul 2013
Blood on my hands, brains on my shirt
Two more victims, a mass grave, and plenty of dirt
Hidden behind, my House of Horrors

Only evil resides here, two stories of hell
Burning flesh, is there a more horrible smell?

Neighbors I have none, screams bring laughter to me
I once took out a woman's eyes, to see what women see........In me

My basement is a dungeon, guarded by demons
People always attempt to escape, they have plenty of reasons

I've tortured the good
I've murdered the bad
They're all buried together. So tragic, how sad?

Nobody is innocent, my knife spares none
Shooting kills too fast, rarely do I use guns

I found my next victim, it's three in the morning
I lust for her blood, never, have I been so *****

A conversation I start, her name is Chanel
I pray she is right with God. If not, she will soon awake in hell

As we approach my home, I imagine the slaughter
I open the door. Chanel, victim # 25, in my......House of Horrors
Maven Jul 2013
My fathers are kings, what else could I be
King of the house, King of the streets
I reign supreme, even the grandest of kings, are but second to me

The heart of a warrior, the strength of a bear
The wisdom of Solomon, pure brilliance, how unfair
Magnificent, all I know how to be

Alexander was great, Leonidas's sacrifice, glorious
As for me, one word comes to mind, victorious
What more can I say

Blessed as I am, I am cursed the same
My heart often turns cold, wicked thoughts fill my brain
Internal conflict, day after day

Taking the good with the bad simply comes with being a King
Flaws and all negativity aside
I Reign Supreme
Maven Jul 2013
The perfect man I'll never be, the more I try, the more I fail
Apologies for all mistakes, for Jen, Samantha, and Shantel.
Love you, Yes! I always have, never want to let you go
Nothing without you, Im Galileo, you're my telescope

The rumors, the lies, the smiles and the cries
The fights then the ***, were always the best
In the midst of my darkness, I saw glimpses of light
Before my sins were revealed, our future seemed bright

Cant stop from crying, tears on the page
Frustrated you're leaving, so filled with rage
Wont blame anyone but myself, and as I look upon the shelf
I see a picture of you and me, I grab your arm, you cannot leave!

Our eyes connect, I see your pain
Lightning flashes, heavy rain

I let you go, you let me know
You have to leave, must let me be
My heart is ripped right thru my chest
I cannot breathe, I cannot bleed

In the cold and all alone
I have a house, I had a home

If ever you return, you wont repeat
Those parting words, that haunt my dreams
A change for the better, begins now
The words that brought change.........Its Over Now
Maven Jul 2013
boast, I brag, she loves my swagg, I am the best, there is none greater.
King of the bedroom and the dragon's lair, either way, call me the slayer.

Or call me hero, I'll save you mind, body, and soul
Don't fight me, you cant help it, it's okay to lose control.

My love runs deep and flows like the Nile
In my arms you feel secure, like a mother and her new born child
I touch your body in front of the mirror.

Then it's straight to the bed, so many ***** thoughts race through my head
We began the night of ecstasy.
With no sense of time, we bump and we grind
I just want, to keep you next to me.

Your eyes and your lips, your breast and your hips
The most beautiful body, I have ever seen.

But unfortunately, as we both ******, I open my eyes
It was all a dream.
Maven Jul 2013
Light skinned, light eyes,
beautiful as she wants to be.
In my dreams, every night, I can feel her next to me.

Smile's perfect, curly hair
dressed to ****, all for me.
Great to kiss, soft to touch, I even watch her while she sleeps.

As soon as she awakes, the love that we make, may wake everyone else
But, it puts us right back to sleep.
In my dreams, every night, I can feel her on top of me.

She knows that she's ****, I love that she's thick
In my bed we make magic, I learn so many tricks

Unfortunately, after our show
I must let her go, cause in reality
She does not belong to me

So I patiently wait, until it gets late
cause as soon as I fall asleep.
We will have another wonderful performance, that night, In my dreams
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