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2015 mid nights

were spent in dark cubicles.
south east Asia was making a conversation with Ankara.

don't sit.
stand up to fight the gravity under your eyelids.
if caffeine is not strong enough, you must shake.
i told myself countless times.

i talked about Memphis, as i tried to hide the pearl
from where i came from.

i talked about pide, underground cities,
the ottoman empire, tasseomancy and Bodrum.

this, was that part of my life when someone
used her daily horoscope to explain the bad internet quality.

i learned about a place in this world, its history and its blue mosque
and felt bad to know all about it way too late.

came summer 2016

i had to leave and not say goodbye.
suddenly, mid-nights became less important than sleep.

just like that, life lead you to something
and pulled you back again, away.

this was when leaving meant taking what you gave away back.

closing your eyes before midnight meant
getting your life back again in the morning.
-What the caterpillar calls death, the world calls butterfly.
kaylin adarne May 15
there's always regret  
drinking coffee in the afternoon

staying awake all night
thinking without stopping
come daylight
i feel useless

there's always regret
drinking coffee

but i'd stay awake all night
thinking that it's worth it
if it's about you
fear will always be there too.

— The End —