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Moe May 2020
the wind is always cold
you look over the edge
drop slowly
your mouth chews out vowels and they resemble minutes
end-over-end crowds lost among your breaths
you dissolve and ask me to think of a place
with no points in the sky
Moe Jun 2013
8:00 a.m. and
It’s all there
The wishes the dreams
The *****
Spread open surfacing to eye level
Inconsistent lullabies
Slowly taking effect
Penetrating microbes under fluorescent floors
Pictures taken
Noises of days gone
Mentioning names scattered charms
The less blind go to the abyss
Faces enamored by shock and drowning
This year taken from under beds
Smoldering and ever present
The thin white lines in rain soaked hands
Drive away from here
Moe Jun 2013
The softest parts of you
Bend in the air
Of eyes and feather like bones
The closed (open) mouth syndrome
That penetrates the disconnected sounds of worlds
Thrown at each other in the dark
A kind hew of melancholy that surrounds you
As I am numb everywhere
That you have touched and the long withering hand
That reaches out to me no longer shows the details of
Lost nights that glistened against your face
And your twisted alphabet is now left
To burn on the embers of faded ghost memories
Moe May 2013
My belly
Among ***** made silhouettes
Shedding (the outside of) my breath
Sudden body shakes makeover the silence of
Wrapped in ***** stained dreams
Without an end to my bleeding
The smell if **** is evident
In the same ways that
Blame is kept in tact
A muffled voice is heard through the air
Giant particles grasping at the face of my dawn clocktower
Simulation in the evergreen hands
The very odd feel that denies faith
An old familiar disgust that overflows from my pores
The calling of angels ******* on a downward spiral
Towards my vascular thoughts
Like a disease which interrupts the collision between planets and words
My pixie movement through the ice parade
An unlikely sorrow from you
What is that distilled sound coming from your hands?
And if the traces of heroine on my breath are mine alone
Moe May 2013
I’m not an unending memory
Or a slow collapse of the words you have given me
To drown in
My head spins in a suspension of blurs and surrounding voices which only
Appear in short flashes
The flight of my shadow turns into a cage left open
I heard your whispers
And they landed on my hands bleeding
Colder than old lies
Moe May 2013
i forget the reason(s)
or don’t want to remember why or how we got here
broken somehow
unnoticeable to touch
and words only drive the knife
deeper into the wound
and my head
spins like Chinese paper planes slowly
making their dive into oblivion
the faster we move towards each other
the closer
get to killing
memories of days gone
feelings that are forced out through *******
a vindictive silence
and ritual like horror
the stillness of heart makes us numb
and the wait for things to change
is slowly that: the wait
as two misguided voices chasing sirens in the sea
an intersection that has no stop lights
like death and human locomotives
Moe Jun 2013
finding small reminders of
lips seeking ears to whisper into of
hands wishing you were here of
lost scents on the floor of
migrating sounds disassembling in mid-air of
words being spoken without touch
Moe May 2013
On the other side of the phone
I don’t feel the pain
A slow start to my collapse
Stretched over miles of tears
…Always thinking of you
I’m not sure why it persists
A linger
And the longing for smaller skin
Through a pinhole camera
I only see part of who you are
The glare of distance envelops your breaths
Are there any words
Which won’t numb?
The sun leaves tiny scars from days ago
As if at a later moment you will
Disappear into rain soaked thoughts
That gives shape to form
Are you still there?
Moe May 2013
It seems obvious
But never to us
The long hallway disappears
Flickering lights and disappointment
Take hold
It’s everything that our voices chose not to
Throw at each other
Lives slump over days waving
Demanding for something to get in the way
Those trivial every-wheres that
Never came back as long as
We can remember the there of now and the
Forever gone
Moe Jun 2019
those tiny circles
you pretend to draw on my skin
always make me smile
Moe Jun 2013
It’s all (become) you
And farther away
Into an unconscious form
And those changes
Longings and past lives
Crashing (into each
Another balancing act
A wandering
Smile slashing
Through skin, muscle
And bone
Moe Dec 2020
your lips are bleeding
somehow the attraction persists
a dream awoken and the realization only
makes the sunrise that much louder
exhausted like a different direction
and the destruction was intentional
starting the next part
one round in the chamber
coming and relapsing into it all
like a year ago
nothing is a song
i am pretending to walk in circles
not taking to you
calling out
no echo
it's all fabrication
the lost distance in your eyes
this is all textbook insecurity
a shared life experience
it's still hard to hear your shadow
it's  unsupportive and I'll remember the final seconds
and meaning is not important
Moe Sep 2019
if i clear my head
i am afraid
(all the choices)
i have made and all
the things that i will come to terms with
on those long drives where I somehow will drown and i had this feeling that
you always wanted me to be someone
else wanted someone else.
Moe Oct 2013
On the surface of your skin
I can see
You are
Within the reflection of a breath
And soft
Spoken words
They demand everything
At once my
Heavy thoughts
In blood while
In some other world the desolation
Of days gone
Filters like 26
Fleeting memories
By the hands of
I’ve described my moments on napkins
And given them to strangers
On the street
At some point my collapse
Will re-invent the air and the movement
Of your digestion
And the scary
Part of you
Will be there holding me down
The glass wall
The reflections will disappear and broken
Windows cut
I’m letting
Don’t be afraid
If all else within my reach loves
You then we can die
Like small raindrops trapped in a
The miscarried thoughts of eyes
And saliva soaked kisses soon
Envelope you an extension of morning
And the hands that touched you in so many ways are now lost
In the vague shadows of your voice
Apprehending colors that disappear and I forget about you and silence
Left among the doves of grass
Your shelter it all
Moe Jan 2020
you shrugged away
those alien words that were barely
spilled from my lips
it seems that we
don't share the same random spaces
there's hope that you'll find me
hand to mouth
in those cold moments
when it's all
we have now
Moe May 2013
All those eyes
Slowly shedding their skin
Making small circles around each other’s
The look it seemingly undresses the nights
A blood fest of fists surrounds your head
The aroma of darkness covering my placenta dreams
An empty gun
Lays adjacent to the rooms open view
While in distracted light there appears my punch-drunk sanity
As it devours (all) the shadows
An uneven floor that injects my blood stream with dust and hollow words
Stumbling over you was the answer to my loss of hope
Like running thru graveyards and speaking in silence through tiny pinhole
Mouths and forever living and not finding what may be in stored
The afterglow of solitude
The disjointed smiles that grasps for air
Under your enormous wings of blame
My tonic suggestion to incubate my after birth words
A stillness of heart that shackles
A memory and mortar apprehension I have not escaped
In the long hallways of your past
My own blank stare dissolves in the sunlight
Then it was you
Inhabiting the smaller cracks of my skin
Taking my hurt and
Being beautiful in the madness of blind faith
A sordid ball of ugly lights which glisten
And down the path where it leads
To me
You can place your gift to the dead crowd like
Unraveled wire touching your lips
A severed look of ignorance
Beings of soft shells
And broken by spinal cord modifications
The lustful grasp shrouding your heart
Makes its way taking shortcuts through graveyards
Moe May 2013
the corner of my fetal
mind paste
what about the skin of demons
the shadow that turns away
a slow placid individual
hollow from everywhere the caution of snow-wheels
cling to manifest
the picture burning inside an apartment for rent
outside walls carried memory of days
eyes and bones demand face
what if nobody’s here
the idea  
myself as sunshine with so much to offer easier
what is the difference
the sentence that defines
unbelief the chain
breaks I wish
dilate the never-belief
wondering effect paste my ***** on your voice
an animal feel i cannot deal with your sense
an unborn skull
the wallowing feet under cypress
skies of fleece and miniature dogmas
slices of fragments red purple green crows sound
the deep drum beat i accept
where i fall
a flashing voice collapsing towards the inside
throwing punishment the idea that i am foliage
corresponding thought process that machines never
pale doledrum insomnia my hands
the lines of another car
the breath of being manipulated
killing instant
the shoehorn a new salt visiting magnolia
a knee high minute falling upside
my carpe diem **** fist theory
and all day i plead for the corrosion to move within you
the system eating itself into oblivion
i announce it when ears are in rooted to the floor  
i had a dream of a jesus picture on a fanbelt  
curved ***** **** on the outside  
apocalypse on my lips
fumes down on the floor
a few hours’ days
i am stripped
speechless walking home
for me
can this be your silence pregnant with strange
looseness in its belly
stars fragile your arms
pins forced into throat calming
touch faking the ***** sounds of avocado
thursday lust
driven into soiled ground
crumbling face in another room they lay your hands on
a fragrance of wings missing
an unexplained
dense and unchanged
kind of melting from you
i give in
the shoulder manufactures what is real to the sound
life is liveable
nothing accepted when offered
the thought process of engines
an angry naked shout
the underbelly of hanging
to what i show you
baking soda explosives
cake walk fixations on the vaginas of modern andromeda
i hope to never be lost with your sanctuary
dog sized emotions
a world punching out its timecard from the slot
a season for betrayals
the mantra of your dreams
dead enough to explain myself
a sunken cheek caring for the sun
a sweet lullaby placing of hand
the round syndrome between the
****** thighs
the strings attached are anything but labeled
upstairs is another passenger
first name last name
mute all that is here
unnecessary you
the collective harm of all those images which if excluded contain
the replacement address of my kidney being
or is it the usage of hiding
dove’s postage junk mail
what you’ve seen before
the cost of being asked two days late
my fluorescent teeth the talk of spit blood
and ****
magnification of insects
the body moves
fondled colors blend
a ******
the ****** the cortex of beethoven
no answer yet  
on the verge of letting
wall of trees
a crowd of tongues the simple denial of light
my envelope seed
in cornucopia grinding
teeth machine a pullover switchblade
wake up from me
given the distant sun wrapped in
****** on clothes my miracle
  your fingers in me contemplating the ounces
of an inch thick sore
calmly anything in surrounding
distortion a weight of idle hands
the acid belly
fortress within
your tourniquet
the victim of my believing in you
silent dead motionless
butterflies cradle the eyes
in the slit of dawn’s early malice
complacent and mind full
the choke hold is apparent in you
i wanted it
heart and throat convulsions the situation derives in itself
the wondering thought
your sickness dives among our ***** oiled mouths
spread like a homeless saint
save your self from the outside of me
as i look up you dissolve
the undeniable number of times
i spent inside you
it beats on
one short felt breath
my time is gone
everything’s alright
on my back
seeing unreal reasons for wanting
a crawling thought a
slip off the hand
grinding small animals the
door opens still life asphyxiation
the roundness of my echo
inside this explosion I ask for
blind allegiance to your *****
the simple duration of lust and gasping
acquaintances I have had
but all in tiny dreams that
eat away at my intestines
and rows or birds wait for their turn at me
for empty boxes cold whispers
and dead words
are what is left
Moe May 2013
I’ve felt lost
Like tangerines being pushed into the
Discotheque of animosity slowly murdering each other’s nebula with
Arms crossed over and eyes blazing joints among the durable and dangerous
Architectures where the faculties of the skull
No longer admit the worms of the senses
How much time may be disjointed while everyone
Takes to their wondering sky
The glass floor the rock beaten path
The somber shadow of neglect justifies
My hiding from the world somewhere
I shatter into a billion pieces and slowly the collapse remembers how it once
Felt the ugly ball of lights thrusting each beam into my skin
A metallic taste in my mouth
The groovy red liquid that makes life dependable as painted laughs
Migrate to the other side of dawn
No one hopes for anything
Let it all disintegrate into the coming rainfall
Gathering in small odd shaped holes all over the cities belly
Barbwire disguises melancholy gasps of breath
I’ve seen you in those hours where anything can happen
And it does
No longer waiting at the long table
No response no self doubt
My particles coagulate in my throat
The simple thought disappears
A night of unrest turns your skin inside out as
The violence escalates into silent picture mode
Only thirst recovering from three days of religion
And no explanation is needed
I know when all those beautiful sad laughs you send out on every
Other month finally arrive I’ll be ready to open my eyes
Hold my hands out and receive you in full
Is this your spirit?
Or the glare coming off the street lamps
Just close the door
And lose all memory of me
Moe Jan 11
A faint tiny tear
Can feel like a replacement arm
Leg or eye
Moe May 2013
you’re more than a name
in refusal
often wondering where I have been
songs lost in daytime hours
my faint memory
of things that came and left
still hangs from your mouth
like dried leaves
aching for something more
I’ve never lived up to you
I trample over (my) words
the suggestion of night becomes
Moe Jun 2020
Distant at heart
A slow developing
Thought makes it out
We are not clean from guilt
Only disguises
Even words don’t make
The odd hours pass
This you and I
Moe Jun 2013
The obvious things (sometimes) remind me
Of your face
An expression that feels no more
I’m exhausted in a dream
That has
Derailed thoughts
As they lay motionless and
Within each pore of skin
I ask that you
Be gentle and
Soft spoken in a
World of between shadows
Moe May 2013
the patterns of your skin are burnt
(into my mind)
the odd taste of yesterday
those glazed over eyes that shed like snake skin
my foreign fingers
sending the unbalanced words
to your ears
saliva and vanity
it’s a slow collapse from you
Moe May 2013
I’ve spent days
Screaming at my shadow
In the corners
Of autumns belly
For those fragments of daylight
Odd ghosts devour seconds
Days and months
It’s you whom I have whispered in dreams
Stepping into those shadows of days gone
Grasping at
Faint memories
Lost eyes
And slanted smiles
It’s this entire engrossing ****** scene
Which cultivates my mind’s slow moving camera
Two bodies smeared on asphalt
That’s what the argument
With no reason
Seems to be
Nothing shared
Picture happy moments are developed
To others
All is well
With us
Moe Oct 2013
“Before I go”
The words that oozed down from my lips to the floor
On the last day I felt the warm progress of your sleep
Standing naked among all the eyes of dawn’s early flowers
****** to death by passerby’s and
I empty all that hangs from my intestines unto these dry hands
A distant fake glimpse is all I get from being a dull **** to the appalling petals of your youth
Hopeless and desolate…waiting for the rain
My ugly mirror ball devouring the inches of a developing a soul and slowly the fractured stains strangling my interior
Have all been spent
The slow motion of your breath up against me
In doses I have taken the cheap blue masquerade
From your lips
I have stolen the thoughts which deliver sour milk to the
Icon babies of yesterday
That apocalyptic look-alike glue makeup on your face has kissed me naked in sunlight
Our figures loose their beginning and end
The fascination of pushing my sleep drenched hands into shallow water merely putting you to sleep
What if the world enjoyed the twist of your body breaking into the mirror deep?
Ascending across the wet brush strokes of some painters dreams
In my eyes your smile
It was the very last thing
Moe Nov 2019
your hands are etched
with tiny dry lines
that cut
each one-way road to nowhere.
Moe Jun 2013
the fragments from your thoughts
dissolve into my numb limbs
wondering eye sockets shock skin and metal bones
as if to display the ever-growing feeling
of melancholy
the frozen voice of apocalypse chants
to my garden stone heart
a tiny glimpse into the void of yesterday
surrounding images of sounds and mescaline
drowned by smaller devils
ice-cold fingertips wash my face with delight
the over-turning silence tied
my fast paced tongue
dry salty smoke air
into that bell of mourning after
the mutated shape of my heart
descending into your
vast and diluted throat
a violence that slowly asphyxiates the life out of
a part of me already gone
the distancing shadows
the murderer’s weapon soaked with *****
images of pale dissatisfaction
the digestion of hello and
strange eyes bellowing across the floor
dragging in its carcass
the days of fresh blood
and stale conversations dreaming
dirt tongues
fabric visions repeated on patterns
tv listings
exits painted over
walk-in closets regards left
on the table
coming back
to the same house
closing your eyes
emptying the lies left across my face
it’s not your fault
too many scars
while listening
nothing is coming out of your mouth
(I am your body
ill tempered
and confused
by ugly lights)
for good
Moe May 2013
Deep through the skin
It all makes sense to me now
Incoherent visions and cold hands dissolve
There’s a blinding voice
All the smallness that sips out of my pores
We find ourselves missing sorrows
Whispering the need of our days
The start of mornings without coughing up blood
Passing the dream from one day to the next
Calling higher to the clouds
Driving out to the valleys where all the houses are on fire
Where the quicken step of my heart
Causes me to swallow the sun and to wake up crying
Without any tears
And when it happens you will feel like it all happened
Within the chance of one disappointment

©2013 Mauricio

— The End —