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q May 15
and I can't help but to look up at the sky in disappointment
I beg the universe once again
give me something to hold on to
show me a sign
but maybe the sign is that there is no sign
maybe it's time to finally let this go
q Mar 22
look at the leaves
how they dance in the glow of spring
carried by the wintry air
it seems the sun is yet to lay her warming hands on you
you're still frozen over, hibernating
possibly hiding
for you know what's next to come

But in time you will find a way out of the darkness
and gather the strenght to grow
you will bloom like I always knew you would
now dancing alongside the leaves
carried by the hot summer breeze
another one for the gardenist. wrote this in physics class while looking out the window.
q Feb 9
come in
take a seat
make yourself at home
serve yourself
I am yours to take
I am yours to break

get up
pack up your things
and never close the door

move on to another
another to take
another to break
q Feb 4
you can keep me warm forever
I will gladly be your maybe
q Jan 11
are the smell of herbs, smoke and coffee
are tired eyes, a spark of hope
are flooded with light, the kind that shines from within
and you carry it with you to light up the dark days
are movement, change, strength
and I truly believe that you could do anything
another one for the gardenist
q Dec 2018
trying to fix you
will not make me any less broken
q Dec 2018
last night I dreamt of kissing him
it seemed so real
I could've sworn I felt
his lips melting into mine
our bodies becoming one
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