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c Jan 11
are the smell of herbs, smoke and coffee
are tired eyes, a spark of hope
are flooded with light, the kind that shines from within
and you carry it with you to light up the dark days
are movement, change, strength
and I truly believe that you could do anything
another one for the gardenist
c Jan 11
I wonder how long it would take
for me to fall out of love
if I really tried
c Dec 2018
trying to fix you
will not make me any less broken
c Dec 2018
last night I dreamt of kissing him
it seemed so real
I could've sworn I felt
his lips melting into mine
our bodies becoming one
c Dec 2018
I wish someone would've told me
that I've been wasting my time
chasing after a love that was never real

I wish someone would've made me feel
that I deserve better
for I have never known my worth

make me believe that it just wasn't meant to be

make me believe that one day love will come
and love will stay
c Dec 2018
we've had so many conversations
without a single word said

you speak your mind silently
yet so loud to me

your thoughts wrapped up
with fabric and string
as colorful as your mind
c Dec 2018
a shy smile
from your mouth to mine
that's all it took
for the first time in months
in a world full of souls
all shallow and cold
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