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Mateo Aug 21
sweet little dreams
occur in my sleep
her longing gaze
leaves me weightless and free
i fall into a silent trance
by the sound of her familiar voice
deeper and deeper i go
to a place unlike any other
a place where we live as one
breathe as one
love as one
it's a place i never want to leave
i want to explore together
with her as my guide
and i as her companion
i fall deeper and deeper
into the beautiful world of her
she is my sweet little dream.
a poem for her
Mateo Mar 26
It took just one look
To get me completely hooked.
Our eyes met for just a second
And both our smiles broadened.
Your face had me lost in a maze
I thought I solved it, but I was still dazed.
Nothing in this world could compare
To how amazing it was to stare.
Except when you came up to me
I felt completely free.
This poem is dedicated to the most beautiful girl in the world.
Mateo Feb 17
we're used to saying hello,
but we forget to say goodbye.
we've parted ways
but our memories will remain.
entry poem to the website
Mateo Feb 17
it feels like it's all in my head
wasting daylight and sinking deeper
it can be lonely sometimes
but also too crowded
i feel lost in my thoughts
and it weighs me down
but then i remember
i think too much
thoughts with a twist
Mateo Feb 14
there's a slight hum through the air
luminescent circles fill our empty space
the grass feels cold against our necks
as our gaze starts to race
the hum comes and goes
with a slight flicker in between
they fly around us
showing their fiery haze
beauty is here
where we lay
Mateo Feb 14
on the corners of her mouth
lay a sight to see
something so pure
yet gazing
like the sun.
from that moment
i knew
you were a strange one.
my first poem ^_^

— The End —