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Matthew Walsh Sep 2015
On some better day
when words cannot fail
when truth tends to fade
and no one seems the same

All that i remember
is the color of your couch
kind of like the universe
in some ******* way

We're sticking
with hesitation
nothing and no one
can help us now

We're ***** and swollen
but i promise
we will give back
all that you own

It's strangely deceiving
the way that you look at me
straight in the eye
I can't help but notice
how clearly you shift to one side

Do you feel elevated?
Somehow, maybe
Matthew Walsh Sep 2015
She choked me
this time it falls
this time around
my head is spinning

this thing....insecurity
it's coming down
on our heads

Im choking on this
aimlessly in all directions
guess I'll wander to the sea
**** eternity

I'll let her choke me
I'll let this break me

I'm floating
on back in the sea
your fine light
it's white light, like starlight

Becomes vacant and lost
gets harder to breathe
I'm in your sea
your fingers are tight around my neck
Matthew Walsh Sep 2015
Why don't you take off
all that eye can see
why don't you peel back
one more layer of i

Face to the floor *******

This is the last thing I hear

If the light of sanction
is wrapped in golden pillars
then we must step back
we must step back......and know
Matthew Walsh Sep 2015
You have squandered your talents
and you opened up
the Pandoras's box

You are not welcome here
stay out of my home
stay out of my head

It's chilling
you just laugh
At every stupid remark
that comes crashing from your lips

Your words
are a train wreck
Global infestation
universal devastation

Its over now

Hold your tiny ****
like a triumphant king
I hear you chuckle
chuckle at your little friend

How can you be so self assured
so arrogant
with everything a failure

I doubt the words
that come rolling
off of your tounge
only fever and poison

Your out of touch
you have fallen short
left us for dead
in pool of *****
in bed of lies
Matthew Walsh Sep 2015
I'm drawn near
and forced under
it's the subject matter
that becomes uplifting....???
Empowering,  Overwhelming, defeating

Only so often
will hopelessness
come crashing in
like the rising tide

No point in fighting

Well then
just sit in silence
let it consume the best of you

there is no rush
this will only make you stronger
Matthew Walsh Sep 2015
Maybe one day
this will seem like a far off place
should say I care,
But I can hardly stand
I stand still in space

Some kind of burden
some kind of animal

It's too late
for so many different reasons
And time continues the count down
on unflinching clock

For as long as we can
let us be a tsunami
and crash down on everything

If only I could stand

It's ever wonder
why everyone
Including I
will never lift a finger
Matthew Walsh Sep 2015
This time it cracks
This time it breaks open
of crevice and chasm
the device is denial

Let us horde it all
in hope and desperation
until it erupts in a bellow
wailing, devoid of clarity

They disappeared
we are not hiding them
death is taking all of this from us
I guess we shoot for greatness

To stupid and numb
to fully comprehend
even upon arrival
wide eyed and dumbfounded

Breathe truth on us
let us see through the bedlam
when truth collides
with mess we are in
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