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Matthew Rodarte Dec 2015
My eyes caught your definition of external beauty,
An internal mistake of mine arose,
the silly things the mind can do,
confusing dreams with reality,

thoughts and cloudy passages,
tales of us written in erroneous stone,
as we moved together hand in hand,
it was never to be,

As I attempted to move closer,
fear seemed to always knock on my door,
more and more these dreams strangle,
my internal vision of affection askew,

Confidence was always my enemy,
A fight continuing on to this day,
Though you gave me strength I never knew I had,
Nothing could stop this despairing outcome,

ironic the names of us all can seem practical,
like choosing a road to embark on,
risking the treacherous circumstances,
enjoying the scenery,
hoping it would last,

one must question of what could of been,
changing these paths narrow and thin,

though I only **** my eyes for gazing into yours,
sprouting these maddening images galore,
your passive counter attacks,
great pain to my fortitude,
a casualty wailing in confusion,
never once did my retaliation ensue,

You left one day,
not a care for your actions,
taking life by whatever pleased you most,
temporary and short,

I stood awaiting something new,
away from this saddening impediment,
troubling waves had not yet risen,
awaiting my feeble heart,

sadly from time to time,
your face can make me smile,
something so beautiful it pains me so,
I guess love only matters if two become one,
thats just how my story goes.
Matthew Rodarte Jul 2015
Do not feed,
the sign proclaims,
this abysmal living thing,
it shouts and rants,
with others,
though its hard to believe,
lies and plans it yells,
to deceive us all,
it lives in its own waste,
and feeds on failure and temptation,
its eye will promote its false powers,
and strength,
if one stares at it too long,
one will lose its mind,
it wants power and rule,
over all true and kind,
combining everything into one,
spreads deception on every good belief and virtue,
not holding back to reach and grab you,
at times the beast can hide,
in shadows none have come out alive,
please keep this as a warning,
for future visitors and generations to know,
the beast can't be fed,
to ensure it's power and lies not to spread.
Matthew Rodarte Jul 2015
My faith has kept me awake,
green pastures, hope, and smells not fake,
beauty is defined through anyones eyes,
not the horrible powers that feed us lies,

I pray for anyone listening,
one day the world won't be living,
in blindness, slavery, and poverty galore,
devils and evil reign no more,

good virtues read and told to all,
man, women, and animals will not fall,
perfection was never a living requirement,
life is a sidewalk cracked by its environment,

although we have our disagreements and beliefs,
no human has the power to judge our relief,
we are made of the sins and skeletons we hide,
to assure our ignorance no cleanliness to find,

we are made to die regardless of time,
don't live your life quiet as a mime,
listen as well with open ears,
words from the tongue are happenstance fears.
Matthew Rodarte Jan 2015
Why did I see you in
my dream?
Your beautiful porcelain face,
those eyes that make me fall,
within your gaze.
The thought of you hurts
that I cry,
I know its not to be,
but the feeling made it seem,
so pure,
my heart was stolen,
in that moment,
A kiss we shared,
as you placed your hands,
My vision unseen,
our lips euphoric,
when they touch,
You walk away smiling,
that face you make,
A picture of a thousand words,
I stood,
faint in my reaction,
gasp in my mind,
lured and grasped by YOU,
my heart,
pounding ,
butterflies and all,
I awake from this rare slumber,
and sadly weep that,
it was just,
A beautiful dream.
Matthew Rodarte Nov 2014
I walk up the stairs, head for my room,
the keys been used,
I open and see,
Divine as my first glance,
leaning on the chair,
only the moons light ,
glaring your red lips,
red shoes, and fluttering eyes,
eyes that heat me,
that look of yours ,
so lost, so gorgeous,
your hair blows softly,
the windy city air,
your skin sizzling,
with slow ease,
your body so sophisticated ,
beautifully indescribable,
I move closer, and don't bother to notice the door slam,
your grin widens with comfort,
step by step ,
I pause,
then put a hand on your leg ,
your smooth thigh,
my other hand ,
your back,
i lay my lips on your kiss of death, ..... the rest is euphoric, ......moment by moment,........ as we both lay ,
I know your initial J,
you know mine,
we both know one of us will die,
,...... that is certain,
she is that lady,...... my lady, ..... goodbye....
Matthew Rodarte Aug 2014
That face I once knew,
so utterly alluring,
those eyes magnified beauty,
oh how time flew,
I must go back,
not a minute goes by without you in mind,

I built it out of love,
memories true,
feelings absolute,
franticly I make this machine of time,

Time with you,
so priceless and evident,
I must go back,
your absence,
my hearts deepest casualty,
you were true in it ALL,

I've never felt so correct,
your kiss,
a mouthful of euphoria,
holding you eternally,
so tight,
will make it I swear,

I built it out of love,
memories true,
feelings absolute,
I'm trapped happily,
in my time machine,
Oh my time machine,
Oh my time machine,
Oh OUR time machine...
Matthew Rodarte Aug 2014
Your fluttering eyes,
highly magnetic,
That simply grasping gaze,
light bellowing cheeks,
soothing for my skin,
Lavishing lips,
a kiss could prove it all,

A silent face,
as we sleep,
presences collide,
we sing,
no imperfection in sight,
a moment near,
a moment here,
my gentle hand,
an embellishing prelude to our kiss,

Closer in mass we collide,
a grasping hold,
I shall never let go,
in twine,
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