The world is whooshing and sort of sludging by
And people are the streets of consciousness
And I am just an eye in a city, spying on itself

And there is this little box that changes colors,
And I chase that box around
Pull it up, put it down.

It is a new part of my old body,
An expression of the species I am.

Classical objects exist, quantized in suspension
All seems apart from what it once was
The blood has spilled over yet another tier into a stranger world,
And I am made to love it

I have forgotten who i am,
And in the midst of my anxious preoccupation my worst fears have been elected leader
With real hope sitting in my treasured gut like a stone
In a world apart from my solemnly knowing mind

Matt Shaw Dec 7

What they think about me doesn't hurt,
I'm on top.

Take this pill, piss in this cup,
Labels, stigmas, words.

But what they think about me doesn't hurt.

What they think about me can rattle and run,
I'm virile
I'm a real one.

Oh...! what they think about me can rattle
and run.

What they think about me isn't fair,
But I'm there.

Waiting for my chance
To show the air I'm fair.

What they think about me isn't fair,
But I'm on top.
I'm virile.
I'm there

Matt Shaw Dec 7

She lays on the floor of her little apartment
And asks me to rub her back.

Her mom isn't home right now.

Out of our mouths come happy bubbles of conversation
But they came out of her poisoned past.

We get to messing around,
Now I've got things to brag about
And I'm almost ready when she asks:

If she wasn't already trying to fix things with her man,
Would I date her?

Do I love her? Do I love her like that?

I tell her the truth.

The truth about where I am in life right now.

The truth about what I've learned.

And I tell her
That I'm her friend, and that I care.

And she is sad,
But I am proud of myself.

Matt Shaw Dec 4

I flew well-designed eyes over the glowing Earth
It felt like the mad suspense of a psychedelic trip,
Like the buildings were about to lift off into space.

(Or maybe come crashing to the ground)

I knew I was born
In a time of great change.

In my youth I wondered
If I'd ever be great.

It seemed easy enough,
But what got in my way?

I was a minor genius with major anxiety
I believe that I hold nascent wonders inside of me
Tonight. Is there anything left
Remaining of me?

What have I done? What can you see?

I swing my leg over
And get on my bike.

I ride to the bus stop
Unborn work in my eyes.

I hope that you love me
Hope when I try
To give meaning to life
That you'll find it worthwhile.

And where are you now? You dimension in time!
Along the same thread of the Nothing Divine
In any direction just distance will find
Us romancing again, revolution no. 9

Matt Shaw Dec 4

I remember your band.

I remember how we loved,
There were things I couldn't understand.

Side by side, there we were
Like bones in a graveyard
Like flowers in a pool.

I was standing under,
And you were Understanding.

And yeah D, writing's pretty neat
But don't forget to write life with your feet.
Weave chapters on paths
And in people you meet.

I'm not talking to you,
You're talking to me.

I get lost in my head--
I forget I can see.

And there's my girl, right in front of me.
My moon that's made of honey.

I'm still howling at the moon.

My moon that's made of honey
My moon that's made of you.

Matt Shaw Dec 4

chaos and calm lay beneath
and belie my body both.

neither one can say just right
the person that i am.

i escape both fires with my life each time
i even leave behind a rhyme
scheme, i'm scheming
i'm slow dancing,
in love with the devil.

caught in love with the devil.
torn in the torture chambers of,
ravaged by love with the devil.

we both have the same fate,
and we thank God for what he creates,
because we use it for selfish means
only we do It for other beings.

I can't tell you if God wears a grimace or a smile
If he knows romance from death
I only know my shattered breath,
I only know my shattered breath,

Matt Shaw Nov 17

Harvest stars,
Crisp wafer moon
In the sky's deep wine.

My favorite One.

Where if you took a hook and pulled me out from the center,
The very tip of my heart's tongue would reach.

Why do I love?
What does it mean?

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