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You & I

A rolling of the eyes,
A rolling of the eyes.

We pass on in different ways,
Going down different streets
And making different marks
On different worlds.

Our skin made symphonies but our guts reacted
Constricted, bashed and bruised inside

You and I
Are rolling our eyes
Just looking for the best chance
To get inside.
There's m o r e to it
There is a weak genesis that strings me along each day,
I am looking for the strong one
That will break the morning's ice with exercise
That will learn about good investments and bad ones
And give to the self the gift of renaissance,
It is free,
Oh why are you even holding back?
You might be a little nervous, but
Matt Shaw Oct 10
Here is where I cringe in the cradle,
Here are all the creatures fornicating on my back,
Black figurines working black to black
In this vignette I pray for a sudden urge to stay
To steady a vessel
Towards better days

The midnight shoreline makes a ****** edge in my mind
That black world of fornication is my clothing,
My nothing,
To her I am a black figurine
I spin stories in the night
Dark magic sparks from my fingers
Still alive with youth and vigor

I stare into the wall
Solid, banal
And I hope I get bored of it
It's just a poem about how in general,
We fear the unknown world living on our backs
But we are also a part of that unknown world for others

This can offer positive or negative consequences

Or neutral!
Matt Shaw Oct 9
go off in to the world and die away from me
i don't care what happens to you after this.
Matt Shaw Oct 9
i hope a drunk driver strikes me hard
i hope a sharp piece of steel cuts this mess right off my hands
i hope it's clean and fast
i don't want to be here anymore
i am so sick of your *******.
Matt Shaw Oct 9
the glow of an eye
is proportional to how strongly
she distracts you from life's *******

i've two seared in my mind...
but **** all the (evolutionary) scientists
they pile on fodder for an empty feeling i have.
Matt Shaw Oct 7
i am in the colors between the colors
luciferian bubbles spring from me
i am effervescent in space
i am more than whole
i am a gathering of bowed hues

leck mich im arsch is playing in the background
i don't give a **** what you think about me
is gonna be alright
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