Matt Shaw Jun 30
I want to fortify my body
So I can hold you up
Like a flower for the world.

When my arms finally find your waist,
My heart and brain will keep their pace.

I was scoping at the world
When I came across your sweet face
And your tongue was a scroll
That held elegant music

I could feel the light and warmth
Coming from inside your mind.

And I remembered our bodies,
Which my hands finally find.

And my scars traced and glowed red
'Cause I left love behind.

I need to spend more time in meditation
I need to spend more time in quantization
You remind me of my faith
Without need of a hopeless devotion

I solidify my place
And may it give some shelter
From the lonely tides
That wash us out
Matt Shaw Jun 23
I want a girl who hurts me bad.
I want the sunrise to stain my heart with love
I want to wash my spirit in the pure waters of her presence.

And when the sweetness rots my teeth
And they begin to fall out,
I don't want to face the pain

Give me a heavy morphine drip,
Because I have realized,
I want to weave days that will hurt to lose--

I want a girl who hurts me bad.

I want a girl who hurts me bad.
I will trade mistakes for pain
And then surmount a sunny day.

I have taken hard lessons
I have gritted those teeth,
I have known blooms of the goddess of love

Promise me I will go places that make me proud
Before I lay somewhere that makes me sad

I need a radio to play away the blues
'Cause I want a girl who hurts me bad.
Matt Shaw Jun 23
I want a girl who hurts me bad:
Glandular love sets my organs aglow
Simultaneously disemboweled
I stand on your doorstep with a rose
Face firm
But my mind has a gaping mouth
Set there by death

I do not know if it hangs its own jaw
Or if awe is just an ornament of death
Some sort of tether to fate

It feels like it would be, for some reason
Because it just tapers off at the end--
Of course.

(Which has a physiological answer)

Why animate anything if you're just going to kill it?
Why fill this vessel with whatever makes you feel you own it?

I want a girl who hurts me bad.

I want a girl who hurts me bad.
Matt Shaw Jun 20
All my emotions are fused
None of my dreams ever happened
Running along the riverbed
Water is mixing with water

Stop for a while, say "I"
It can escape for your body
Turns up a flag to say "I"
Leaves like a woman, so sexy

All my emotions are fused
Stop for a while, say "I"
Poets are never confused
Crossing their love at each moment.

Draw me a rose on my chest.
I saw your face melt each summer
Shoot me point blank in the stomach,
Always the touch of a lover.
Matt Shaw Jun 20
In me the universe is having an unholy seizure
There on the precipice resides my steeped cranium
Swimming with chemicals, turning the crown-harp over with destiny's hands

A cynical chord is struck, dissonant and sublime
A spine, by bolts of lightning, is realigned

The geometry of demons crosses my center until I reach a state of balance
To call on the help of angels
Who are only seen by the seeking mind

But turned over and over a black tunnel befriends me
And betrays me to the rest--
Which I've said I can rebel against.
Matt Shaw Jun 18
I'm black as ink
Because I see straight through
To the center

Fuck you,
I love you better

Simmering lies
Life in the summer
Bumming a cigarette
Wwwwhat a bummer

I'm white as light
Because I float on the surface

Here and there--
That is my purpose

Shimmering why's
Quivering eyes
Struck with the ink
That the blacklamp supplies.
Matt Shaw Jun 18
I can't wait to
Splash into
Unhinged love again
This time my soul will be symmetrical
And I will swim with the strokes of a man
An artist man
And not a boy

I won't stop to measure how unfortunate the water is
But maybe to worship the sun god Ra
All over her body
Her hips are smooth as brushstrokes

It's free summer.

I'm getting ready for a little taste of
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