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Matthew Dec 2013
Matthew Dec 2013
Wherefore knowledge has
a knowing heal hath
held the vice of time

Towards the place
of all the people
in fellow fragile rhyme

Taken lust of the giving
chest for a truthful
tantamount of the try

my Words reflect my ends
inside subjective reality
but you only say i lie
Matthew Dec 2013
Within laughs i caress
a hope that is my only
hair that waves down
of a hand
that is reaching
reaching           reaching
needing of nevers
can't nullify
please words justify
i know               i know
this time the source is
my own secret
which i caress
the hope            the hope
Matthew Dec 2013
way on the hill
lay a vagabond

cradled by the light
the stars cry in the night

steady are the motions
ready to wind wisdom

the air is shaking
the mind's mold awakening

rivers shape his heart
a quiver peels apart  

bled of a past sorrow
the sun will bring tomorrow

shed ego blows away
fed flower blooms today

mended wounds soon decay
the hill is gone
but still remains
Matthew Nov 2013
A bleeding butterfly
wings it's way
of a content cry
kissing the dull day

The sun sheathes
its piercing blade
as perfect moves
for beauty
like a smile
with genuine eyes
(tear)ing their insides.
Matthew Nov 2013
My life will last forever
in the sons and daughters
of the people i have helped.
This is immortality.
Not fame, not money,
what you truly leave behind
is in every heart you touch,
every mind you inspire.
Matthew Nov 2013
i gave a secret
to the bearer of it

a piece of me
to a trusted one

how far i've come
on the floor in pieces

because the bearer of it
didn't want my secret

— The End —