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matt nobrains Jul 2015
in it i have the twist and ****
that falls upon beer caps
and ragged desert fur
that sops up dicotomies,
bathe or dont, fleas or lice,
leaves on battered tarmac
corn that drags its venomous
fangs bare
clogged shitshown *** heathen
explosions decimating wakes
flown over with brutal
stoves; unreckoned
i havent cleaned out my ears in weeks
and its beginning to affect my
fast through curves meeting
the brush
glad at the sink
twin teeth buried beneath
matt nobrains Jul 2015
in the height and heather
warmly brushing against
make and muddle
omens speak unerringly
in the voices
between mind and nobody.
lost in the sense of death hand
or forgotten in sensing of collapsed
burning blindness dots horizons
scan sharp
charged into faithless
trampled wordless
left behind and struck
upon else and whether
when little is borne
upon tangential lines.
a hundred brands
of pillow soft
toilet paper spread evenly
across tobacco leaves
like decorative mantras
on the scarred face of christ.
bliss is upon those who can
give up quietly
matt nobrains Jul 2014
ready when the pain subsides
drunk on seagrass and
stains imedded in the
contours of your brain:
50% gelatin 50% bacteria
paper and pen or clear glass
to cast words which flow
faster than matter can keep
up-the buffalo careening mad
over the cliff to oblivion
of lost thread
let sink your mistakes
open up your chest
and let green rain drown you
only the stop of-you-can
display that inner jewel,
and your inner jewel shines
ever so bright
that with it, if you let it,
will guide your way
matt nobrains Jun 2014
"I think about these moments
everyday," she breathed
into my neck,
running one finger up
and down my arm
stripping bare an
electric wire,
short circuiting
my skin
"fifteen,  twenty times a day
and my knees buckle."

your love is pure,
unaltered with self interest,
it is passionate

but your love is also thoughtful
and direct.
you are strong
your strength inspires me
to find my own strength,
to fill myself with my own love,
so that together we
can share the best of ourselves.

with the embers of our souls
we'll start the flames that engulf
the world.
matt nobrains Jun 2014
the explorer of mountains dazed
mindless at the first glimpse
of primal space.
viceral worlds, diamond marshes
orbiting decaying stars.
the earth is nothing from here,
crags of tibet even less still.
could it be that
I never truly saw
what lay beyond the horizon?
matt nobrains Jun 2014
breath trickle
through skin;
gathers in the wheat
gained: shared of shape
  under cool stones
the dragging
  of cubes
bombastic nether
drenched glass,
there padded earth black
in nutrient
bristling small pines
ruffle quiet
shaken in their roots
from the mighty wait
nothing but the glaciers
nothing but shade
nothing but ebb,
nothing but desert of
sup of binding energy twitch matter
'perhaps perhaps'
cry the cubes
in the thrumming gentleness
  crystalized automated
pure white light.
yes, to me
in such bath as this
the clamor of man silenced
and I can hear the hum of
the planets sliding along
alien planes
and a laugh plays
from me?
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