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May 2019 · 89
Matt McAlister May 2019
My broken heart bleeds red.
My burnt mind craves the blues.
I walk my path alone; my desperate soul stays next to you.
Jan 2018 · 343
Matt McAlister Jan 2018
More of my favorite whiskey passes my lips.
I'll drink again tonight until it all makes sense.
Gotta be drunk enough to forget your quips.
I'll get to that level where my head just spins.

A glass filled full never lasts too long.
How does it still hurt when I've been so strong?
"Time heals all" has never been more wrong.
This is the last time I'll go to bed on my own.

My blood and this ***** pair so ******* perfectly.
Another bottle’ll steal all the time that’s left from me.
I left a glass half full when I'm more than half empty.
Tonight I'll be drowning in more than self-pity.
Mar 2017 · 290
Matt McAlister Mar 2017
My mind wanders farthest when I'm alone.
Likely looking for who I don't need.
Someone too far to send my love by radio.
Someone too wild to hold on to dreams.

Curtains swayed at an open window
to reveal what I tried not to see.
And foreign characters couldn't hide the truth I saw written out on that screen.

Your voice burned its mark on my soul,
reminding me to learn from my mistakes.
When everything is gone if I'm still alone
I'll thank the stars of Aries for the pain.
Aug 2016 · 271
Your Hand
Matt McAlister Aug 2016
At night I cling to thoughts of alternative endings.
If I had, if I had, if I hadn’t moved your hand.
As close as a hug is as distant as a glare, the one at graduation.
But if I hadn’t moved your hand…If I had let your mind play out through your body, play through my body. Nobody has to know, wants to know, needs to know what your thoughts were, your body wanted. Your reclusion hurt me, but I cling to something too embarrassing to discuss,
too crazy to tell you, too far in the past to cling to, but “if I had” doesn’t comfort me like if I hadn’t moved your hand.
Meant to be read without much pause
Jul 2016 · 176
with you
Matt McAlister Jul 2016
I want to carve pumpkins with you.
I want to plant a garden with you.
I want to see the mountains and listen to the wind with you.
I want to watch the clouds with you.
I want to whisper my dreams to you.
I want to make light of the dark and have sweet innocence with you.
I want to go to the clubs with you.
I want to live in the night with you.
I want to feel the music’s rhythm and make art of our own with you.

I want it all with you.
It’s hard to convey to you.
But I know that I need you.

I am in love with you.
This is for you.
May 2016 · 199
Matt McAlister May 2016
I can't find it in my heart to love you
the way you want me to.
I've not been good enough for you.
You can't be strong enough for two.

It wasn't easy in the start.
But you pushed us to start new.
Said we could do what lovers do
But our love can’t make it through

Don't take my hand.
Things have really changed.
This isn't the same old dance.
What's left is burned.

Be happy on your own.
See life through clearer frames.
You’ll be happier alone.
You're not the only one who’s hurt.
Feb 2015 · 3.0k
Internet Stole My Soda
Matt McAlister Feb 2015
The Internet stole my soda
Just a little bit at a time
A sip here and there is nothing
Because in the end the soda is still mine

Give and be given to
No harm from sharing my cup
But I was not returned my offerings
Instead I needed something to fill me up

So much soda has been spent
My cup's promise is to always hold more
But that cup can find no more soda
The supply would not last forever this was sure.

My soda is really good
I had and shared so much at the start
But the sipping ran dry my soda
Because the Internet stole my heart
Sep 2013 · 255
Matt McAlister Sep 2013
Tamper with my heart
to make it something new
Move and take the parts
now it belongs to you.

Replace what you obtain
With pieces of your own
For a heart can not sustain
If it is less than whole
Oct 2012 · 685
Matt McAlister Oct 2012
Do you know what you see?
Is it how you think it should be?
Have you considered taking a different angle?
The sight could morph or even untangle.

Do new possibilities arise?
What do you see with your eyes?
What you’ve known has taken new shape.
Does this mean your world is all a mistake?

Now you realize what you’ve learned.
You must continue with this new burden
of knowing your vision has been unclear.
What you loved, you now almost fear.

“How long,” you start to question reality
“have I had shutters clouding the intensity
of what I could not imagine?”
The answer of no one follows your question.

This new perspective takes you whole.
A new brain inside you begins to evolve.
This is not something undone with time.
Never can you return to before you opened your mind.
This was quickly put together, but it is something that has been on my mind. Thanks for reading.
Oct 2012 · 381
Do you remember?
Matt McAlister Oct 2012
We made memories
But now and then I wonder
if you remember
Oct 2012 · 971
Just a Thought
Matt McAlister Oct 2012
Let me paint a picture,
one that is worth a few bold words.
You are so alone that it hurts you.
No one can be there to soothe your nerves.

The dark screams its lonely silence.
Hold still, for this will pass.
On your face, be sure to hide it.
Build strong your wall of solid glass.

Everyone can see inside,
yet all are kept out.
Failures are those who have tried.
Entrance is not allowed.

Still, you often wonder
of one who would make it through.
Those thoughts are just to ponder.
No one real is meant for you.

— The End —