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Ready to explode
Wait a minute, don’t leave me
Things will get butter
The bigger my heart,
the greater my capacity for hurt.

The more open my mind
the deeper I need to think.

The greater my reach
the more grounding I need.

The older I get
the more I listen.

The more I listen
the keener my hearing.

The more I hear
the more my heart weeps.
Not sure if this holds together, but you get the gist.
Love is a blessing
Two people made one
Happy ever after it seems
All in all quite impressing

Love is a curse
You cant stop thinking of them
You long to be near them
Your heart is broken, there is nothing worse

Love is simple
Like black and white
Or blue and gold
Your love glitters like a crystal

Love is a mystery
No one can understand
It hangs over us
Since the beginning of history
Have you ever felt
you loved someone that
you hated the person?

Have you ever felt
you knew everything that
you knew nothing?

Have you ever felt
the overwhelming happiness and grace that
you manifested signs of sadness?

Have you ever felt
the burning heart inside
though you are soaked outside?

Feeling feelings,
i do not fully understand
what they are
but they color the blank sheet of life –
I try to hold on but he let go of me.
I try to walk with him but he ran away.
I try to stay but he just pushed me away.
I try to fight but he told me to surrender.
I try to move on but, I can't.
I'm afraid to kiss you
to lock our lips
and taste you.
I'm afraid that I will love you
and then you will leave
like most men do.
I'm afraid it won't be enough
to make you stay
and that desire you've always had
will finally go away.
I'm afraid of the damage
you will do to me
before I finally
let you go.
i keep waking up
with you on my lips
but it's only your name
and not your kiss
screaming your name at night in my sleep
Grab me
Hold me close
And look into my eyes
Sweep me off my feet
And kiss me like no tomorrow
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