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 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
Gabriel burnS
I don't wear smiles
like clothes,
like you wear makeup

I don't choose in aisles,
in stores,
just for the occasion

You can try
and you'd fit right in my shoes
but I'd never fit in yours

I don't wear jewels
but I'd love
to wear your denial
your scent for awhile...
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
wild youth
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
we are the wild youth.

with lungs full of ocean water and ribs stained red with sunsets and roses

we have lilacs and honey dripping from our frozen fingertips

with watermelon smiles and candle wax eyes, we pull at our star dusted skin

and howl to the moon.

and with heads full of midnight and our veins swimming in twilight,

we dream our big dreams and pull down the stars, begging for our wishes to

come true
thank you for the daily! im so thankful and in awe of all the lovely feedback, i cant thank you all enough
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
I Wish
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
I wish that I could
once again see
through the eyes of a child.

Where pillows are clouds
soaring high through the sky,
elevated above the rest of humanity
and suspends throughout positivity.

Where the wind sounds like wolves
howling into the dark night,
heads tipped back while they cry to the moon.

Where everything is innocent
and the only thing that you needed
to worry about was whether or not you'd be invited to your friend's birthday party.

You always are.
Parents like to make things fair.

Where the barcodes on food packages
are not just the key to counting your ribs each morning
in hopes of weighing less than your bones.

Where the American dream is more than being
the skeletal version of yourself,
more than hunching over a porcelain sink each morning
with your heart in your hands
and your tears making tracks to the emptied cage that contained the battered thing.

Where you fear the darkness
because of the boogeyman or the monsters in your closet
rather than the ones that walk
alongside you on the streets
or even the ones that haunt you
every time you close your eyes.
Find your rhythm
Along with the groove
Envision your world
Just keep it smooth
It cannot stay cloudy forever
The sun will eventually shine
Move towards the right path
And keep everything in line
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
Sk Abdul Aziz
There might be a smile on your lips
But your eyes are giving it away
You can try and pretend
But there's nothing that the eyes don't say
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
The Dedpoet
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
The Dedpoet
Stroke soft the curves
Of the forbidden servant,
Follow paths of the intention
And know not the rose touched
Is a petal in a cyclone:

**** the martyr
And feed the the dogs,
They serve a purpose beyond
Your grasp, under the foot
Of your heavy needs
And spiteful words.

And the ***** do grasp,
They will not let the spirit free
When pain cannot be released
And the world would be great
If we could share beauty like
It shares its misery.

**** them softly with pretty works
And speak the réflection
There you are,
You are what you say after you
Do the favor and the world
Is owed to you.

Oh pain.
Such glorious levels you reach
Within the ugliness of reflection,
How you see and how you feel
Is how you choke and how you
Pain, all that can be remembered
Not in the moment,
But in a lifetime.
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
a flock of them we call a ******,
though not what I did to ****** men
I shot on the Mekong, who did nothing
but startle me a muggy morn  

I watched them float,
face down in primordial mire,
not far from the wire, which
split their world from mine  

birds came by noon
greedy passerines perching, pecking
on black clad backs; they sang not a word
of thanks to me

though I had made a meal of men,
for those who drop from blue skies--not even
when the flesh pulled swiftly from bone, and
blood flowed silent over their talons

July 4, 1970, Mekong Delta, Vietnam
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
The Rose.
 Sep 2017 Mary Pear
Aw girl, did you dance with the devil
Get ripped apart
Where’s your heart
Ah, I see it beating in the gutter
Well girl, what can I say
Life's a *****, and then you die
But you don’t want to hear that
No,no, not in your beautiful world
Not in pin up poster world
Aw girl
You want to go down to the love hospital
They’ll put you back together
But guess what
That beating heart
In the gutter
Maybe wants to last past puberty
So hey, I’ve been round the block
I’ll give you ten seconds of my time
Best ten seconds of advice you’ll ever hear
That rose growing in the garden there
Is that not the most beautiful thing in the world
Now, not only is that rose beautiful
It’s also very smart
It knows some ******* is going to try and take liberties
So it surrounds itself with thorns.
Do the same
Be that rose.
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