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Mary Coleen Jun 2018
Quivering, parched lips
As the dark cloaks my body
Another cold night.
Mary Coleen Jun 2018
Gusto kong manahimik,
Sa salita o sa kaluluwa.
Gusto kong ibaon,
Katawang di uma ahon.
Gusto kong tumigil,
Pahilumin ang sugat.
Gusto kong manahimik,
Huling hinga't pipikit.
Mary Coleen May 2018
As the temple throbs
For each wham of a thought
A push back is made
Leaving you distraught.

As each stitch is cut
And the wound gapes wide
The light in your eyes dims
Your gaze cast aside.

You question yourself:
"How can a heart, once young and ready,
Turn its petals to shades of ash,
And cower when it wants to be happy?"
Mary Coleen Apr 2018
Sa mga bagay na akalang
May halaga,
Mahahanap ang mga tinik
At pangungutya.

Sa mga damdaming
Di mapigilan,
Nagtatagong demonyo
Ang masisilayan.

Sa mga luhang iba iba
Ang panimpla,
Pait ng poot at alat ng lungkot,
Sila'y ibubulsa.

Sa mga gabing napapaisip
Ng sariling dulo,
Huling isip at ngiti ko'y,
Iaalay sayo.
A tired soul is a burden to everyone.
Mary Coleen Feb 2018
As the ground trembles,
And the tide madly dances
I search for my home.
Mary Coleen Feb 2018
Vacant stares and burnt chests,
Empty vessels beneath pale skin.
Darkness we've come to detest,
Slices of pain to stay at the place
where you've been.

Screaming shadows in black light,
Nails biting over heated flesh.
Pursed lips even when in fright,
Frozen anger and helpless in strife.
Mary Coleen Jan 2018
So much anger, burning hot sin
Scalding flow of venous liquid
Throbbing my heated skin

To appease the beast it seems,
The cool, smooth silverware
Sinks deeper, demanding release.
Its there but something's missing
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