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Marva Butterfly Jul 2015
Life is Sew Amazing!
Once I was lost without a pattern to follow.
I discovered the Bible with its many golden threads.
Each verse was like a seam ripper, the words began to rip and open
the tightly woven seams of my heart.
The seams had been stitched with the cares of life.
Each stitch told the story of disappointment, pain, rejection, problems and strife.

Life is Sew Amazing!
Once a sinner now a new beginner.
I am a new creation a beautiful work of art sewed by the master seamstress.
There are no longer pins to ***** my heart only the love of a forgiving God.
The Holy Spirit’s scissors cut the old fabric pieces and stitched new ones into God’s design and plan.
He took His marking pencil and marked the lines I needed to trace.
I truly know that I am here because of HIS grace.

Life is Sew Amazing!**
The Bible is like a seam gauge, measuring tape or clear gridded ruler which instructs me in ways to measure up.
I am thankful for all the living appliques, which are examples of God’s handiwork.
Sometimes I’m stretched like a piece of elastic, under the weight of life’s pressure foot but He provides the interfacing to strengthen me.
He provides a thimble to protect me from the ****** of life’s transitions.
He is my loving pin cushion holding all the pins and needles
regardless of my condition.

— The End —