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I sit here in this hospital bed
staring at the television screen
watching some marathon on TLC

I laugh along with the nurse's jokes
I nod when the doctor talks
and I patiently wait for a visitor.

My mother stops by
she helps me wash my hair
I text you an update of how I am

My mother hugs and leaves
And again it's just me and TLC

Another day goes by
my patience is wearing thin
when will I see someone?

I text you again
with some random thought
and wait some more for a reply

Tomorrow arrives a day too soon
More blood is drawn
from my arm and my heart

I open my snapchat
bored out of my mind
and there you are.

There you are with your friends
looking young and alive
and here I I am.

I don't understand
we called ourselves sisters...
we said our bond was unbreakable...

One visitor.
No texts.

I ******* miss you.
But where the **** are you now?
She looked at him with a gaze that was as heady and intoxicating as the dark wine she swirled in a crystal glass.  He had never before felt such tender, true love in his heart as he gazed into the heavily lidded eyes that were the gateway to a soul that was his own as much as it was hers. They drank each other from the crystal glass of sensation until their souls were drunk on the chaotic serenity of love.
broken hopes and broken hearts
shudder in the shells of broken men.
songs they sang of freedom
are but whispers belonging to the wind
cruelly gnawing at their ears
and rattling the shackles that clutch
their silent throats and defeated fists
This globe beneath me
within hand's reach
turns and turns and turns

What am I?

I am the language
between the trees and waves
painting the globe with gentle strokes
from a brush made of stars

What am I?

I am the painter of the fields
and the sunrise of a sleepy morning
I fill this globe of mine
with the colors of my soul.

What am I?

I am the heartbeat of this world
beating and resonating
waiting for the globe to dance

— The End —