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 Nov 2015 Martha O'Brien
Ce Soir
 Nov 2015 Martha O'Brien
Tonight, the monument's lights are darkened.
Tonight, the celebrations are put off.
Tonight, we gather together to mourn the lost.
Those we've lost are not ever forgotten.

Tonight, we stand with our oldest ally.
One world, one love, one night.
Some, who would use violence, try to tear us apart.
They fail to realize that only brings us together.
For tonight, we are not citizens of separate countries,
we are people.

The night may be dark
The shots have echoed through the streets
The explosions forever changing a city we all know so well.
But, that will not take our humanity.
That will not tear us apart.

Tonight we stand together as one people.
For those who have spent the night in fear,
We stand ready to fight for you at all costs.
For you, Paris, tonight we stand together.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself falling,
Your aching bones rattle against the stone floor.

A cave on a cliff, ready to crumble.
Looking out to the sea of normality and order.
But how do you get there?

The lonely, cold cave, knowing there's more to this.
Hoping for that better life.
But how do you get there?

The deeper I wander, the darker it gets.
Losing sight of what could soon be, the water.
But how do I get there?

The middle generation, the confused generation,
A lonely generation, a hopeful generation.
I know how to get there.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself falling,
Your tired mind released into the reckless, rolling waves.
Being with you is like choking on the harmless air we breathe,
Like seeing through the reflective glass that lines your walls.
Slowing down on an open road with the whole world just in our reach.
I don't know what I'm doing,
Or even how I'm doing it.
One day this is what I'll be missing.
Maybe not you, or us, or the things we do,
But the way I feel in this second knowing that you're happy.
I'm not the cause and I don't mind, this feeling is enough to hide the pain I'm really feeling.
A temporary solution at the least, but solution nonetheless.
You deserve more than the happiness I cannot provide you with.
I thought he wanted to see the stars
The little parts of me
The constellations, the things I am passionate about
To see my galaxy
But when I set up the telescope
Letting myself be exposed to the harsh light
He immediately turned away
Complaining it was too bright
I went through all this effort
Just so he could see me
My heart sank when he said
He said he had no interest in astronomy
And by the expression on my face
The blank look in my eyes
You would've thought all of my stars
Disappeared from the skies.
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