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Marla 1d
Life has squeezed my lemon dry
time and time and time again
until the outer reaches of my mind
laid themselves bare, end to end.
Only a fool could surmise
the complexity of my surprise
when the universe itself devised
a scheme to hatch something obscene.
Time and time and time again,
the painful tear in my ego
kicks itself ablaze
when I hear word of it-
word of you, scoundrel.
How dare you beg these questions?
How dare you keep me up at night
with your possibilities and wonder?
I feel nothing but yearning
and think with an open heart,
but yet you keep turning me away
as though light itself will tear us apart.
You can leave me, but I will never let go.
You can die here, but never in my heart of gold.
Sweep me up in your splendor,
take me to the moon and back.
My desire for you will never surrender,
for you the world I shall forever attack.
Marla 2d
We are strung along through space and time
by forces so infinitesimally small
and yet so gargantuan on a collective scale,
it's almost as though we can never be exactly sure
of where we stand on the cosmic rug.
All of our lives, we are pushed and pulled
against our better judgement like marionettes
along an ever flexible track,
drawn to things larger than us
much like planets are drawn to the stars;
bodies of being floating around a grander existence.
As our universe expands at an ever constant rate,
we sit puzzled by how it somehow creates itself
despite the laws of physics claiming that it can only be recycled.
Perpetual motion machines are impossible as well,
and yet we rotate around the sun without ever sinking into it.
Life itself revolves like a spinning door in space
as it moves around the axle of impossibility
and the nature of existence itself.

don't ever let unbreakable odds keep you
from achieving the impossible,
even the universe makes its own exceptions.
Marla 3d
It takes only a few minutes to change a life.
I changed mine by doing what seemed absurd to me.
Then, life did something beautiful and let it be.
Now I am absolutely one hundred percent free.
Free to express who I am with little wrist flicks
in the middle of conversation.
Free to shave my head completely clear
without the slightest hesitation.
Maybe I'll get googly eyes tattooed to my eyelids
and pretend you've gone insane when people ask.
We're all born to die, we're all dying fools.
Might as well have a good time for the sake of breaking rules.
Marla 3d
My, oh my! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?
With the way you sway to and fro lit by the pale moonlight.
Your tulle dress and perfume scent wrap me up in their divine splendor while your body twirls away into the incandescent night.
How I wish this moment could last forever!
How I yearn to live life feeling as I now breathe...
but here I am sitting all these years later
swept up in the throes of a memory.
Marla 4d
My ears are ringing,
these eyes are bleeding,
the semblance of love is fleeting.
Out on the stoop, fully clothed
and yet vulnerable,
like the day I was first kicked out.
Of all the words in the English language,
I can't stand those six letters together now.
Whatever happened to unconditional love?
I guess it frittered away.
Why do you hate me for being me?
You don't even know that I'm ***!
Why'd you have to drop that atomic bomb on me?
I guess you had nothing better to say.
Marla 4d
He died looking as he was,
a miserable old tyrant
wearing an Adidas track suit
as he lived in his own shadow
within the walls of his mansion
away from the impoverished
citizens fighting for a revolution
that even he sold out on.
I live better as a peasant in America
than he did as dictator of a whole island.
Guess it's all about perspective,
but **** that *******.
Marla 4d
The yellow brick road
is flooded in blood
as our people suffer
in a promised land
that shows them no love.
Help a brother,
help a sister,
a child,
a friend;
help anybody you see
getting too close to the
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