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Markus Russin Jan 2020
the first steps felt so easy.
i was unburdened.
at times i flew.

it took me all these years to find
that everything inside me
had never changed at all
Markus Russin Dec 2019
there once were nights
when i could smile across the room
to no one in particular
just drown content in music
and let slide by what needs to slide
Markus Russin May 2019
so often it's
the beautiful the cherished
which falls
from dusty table
Markus Russin Mar 2019
last year's worn out sweater
and birthday gift cards frame the scene
four eyes dejected marbles

but did you even notice that my hair is
different today?
Markus Russin Mar 2019
mic dropped
going places
rinse repeat
for happy faces
not at home
where i find myself
[to be sung]
Markus Russin Feb 2019
a little poem
can't be more
than personal reminder
that there is still
so much more crap
forgotten in a binder
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