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Markus Russin Mar 22
last year's worn out sweater
and birthday gift cards frame the scene
four eyes dejected marbles

but did you even notice that my hair is
different today?
mic dropped
going places
rinse repeat
for happy faces
not at home
where i find myself
[to be sung]
Markus Russin Feb 14
a little poem
can't be more
than personal reminder
that there is still
so much more ****
forgotten in a binder
discovered on my search today
how murakami and itoi
wrote short stories together
in nineteeneightysomething
and daydreamed of the corners
in tokyo i might never see
again all while amazed and longing
for someplace nifty to myself
Markus Russin Jan 19
if i were happy, truly
would that me still
be me
Listening to the opening minute of "Like Spinning Plates"
Markus Russin Jan 15
the quiet now when
once you
cut yourself to songs on boxes
shaped like hearts;

those edges
too have left
behind all blank and human
shaped a body trembling
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