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Mark the poet May 2017
Let me spread my wings one more time, take me to my time when i roamed with the gods. my youth wasted in all its splender of my rebellious ways...yes i hear your wisper in this howlling cold wind as i spread my wings for the last ready to come home !
  May 2016 Mark the poet
Leah Barton
You can kiss the canvas,
Or rip it up with attitude.
The essence of all worldly art,
And all its worth, is gratitude.

Art can lift you to the heavens,
Or take away your soul,
But both of those are better still,
Than having none at all.

So be thankful for the artists touch,
Upon their hands you feed,
And be grateful that your heart is beating,
Even if it bleeds.
Mark the poet Mar 2016
In order to feel alive times you got to **** your mind and stop doubting your worth!
Mark the poet Jan 2016
Death avoids me.
For it knows I'm not afraid
One day we will meet
And embrace each other !
Mark the poet Dec 2015
Within this crumpled heart of mine lays all the lies,you have made me believe yet i hunger for more.
Mark the poet Jun 2014
Say thou lov’st me while thou live ,
I to thee my love will give .
never dreaming to deceive
While thou life endures .
I too thee will keep my truth,
As now, when in my day's of youth .
This my love assures to thee
Constant love alway's and for ever .
Give me that, with true endeavor
And I will restore to thee it's glory .
A suit of durance let it be
It can never know defeat,
Nor it can  never rebel .
Such the love that I would gain
Such the love, I tell thee plain .
Thou must give, or woo in vain
So to thee, farewell my
lovely southern Belle .
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