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  Jun 2016 Mark Villa
Louise Ruen
You said that I am pretty, but boy what’s new
I’ve heard it a hundred times; it’s become oldschool
You gotta bring more game than a smile and a hey
Especially if you want me to come your way
But as man you shouldn’t move a bit and we should all just fall into your lap. Right?
Please, don’t be like any other man

I grew up looking myself in the mirror
My life’s set because they think I look pretty
Cut my hair short? You must be crazy. - stick me a dress and some makeup and let’s fix this mistake, baby
Look at my face. Someone who looks like this can’t be crazy. Right?
I’m a blue-eyed *****, who therefore isn’t allowed to be upset
So my life must be pure happiness. Right?

You said that I was pretty, but boy what’s new
I’ve heard it a hundred times; it’s become oldschool
You gotta bring more game than a smile and a hey

The weight is making me looked crippled
I was told to straighten up, coz it wasn’t pretty
What will I do when I get old? - I guess I’ll have nothing to fall back on
I’m young and naïve, and even though things develop, they don’t really ever change.
Because I’m a privileged girl in a vain, vain world
Therefore my life must be true happiness. Right?

So baby don’t cry if you’re ‘too beautiful’ for demons.
They don’t know that beauty is your demon.
They don’t know your life is far away from bliss.
I cried when I reread this. Everything is really only an illusion.
If you let it be.
Mark Villa Jun 2016
Lying together wrapped in the deep blue of Midnight's embrace

Two worlds become one
Two hearts fuse together
One pulse beating thru our veins

We shared the same breath
Deep ecstasy in the deep blue of Midnight's embrace

under a canopy stars
The harvest moon watching over us
While our two souls become one

Saturated by God's creation
In a midnight embrace

Vowing our love
Committing our hearts
Becoming  one
In the deep blue of midnight's embrace.

Wrapped in a blanket of warm darkness

Lets stay in this place forever
Mark Villa Jun 2016
I never thought it possible
Nor was it probable
surely it was impossible

For one person to have all my hopes and dreams wrapped up inside her heart

Holding them in her arms
My Every thought you captured
You held my day dreams close to your *****

You owned my night dreams  

You revealed my hopes of a beautiful island princess that were deep inside my dreams

Dark skin that feels like satin
black hair smooth as silk
Red ruby lips that whisper my name
Deep dark eyes that look deep into my heart
You have everything

visions of matrimony
Creating a family
All dwelled in your heart

Was it possible
Is it probable
Surely it's never impossible

True love created all my hopes and dreams and laid them in my arms
Wrapped tightly in a red and scarlet ribbon
Given only to me.

Thank you hon for loving me.
Mark Villa May 2016
With you in the silence of midnight
Lying face to face
I only see you
Only our breathing is heard
We hold onto each other as if we were drowning
So tightly
Never to let go
My soul has entered yours
To know the depths of your love
You are an ocean of silk
Pure white
Pure love
Pure pleasure
The pleasure of sharing a love that compares to none
Never have I felt like this
Never have I known this feeling
Your lips soft warm sweet
Only mine
Your eyes bright and piercing
Only see me
I love you
Mark Villa May 2016
The darkest night cannot compare
To the darkness in my soul from loosing you
When we said our last goodbyes my heart sank into a pit of  sorrows
You were my light
You were my breath
You were my everything
Now I'm alone in  a place where only our shadows are left
Hearing the distant echoes of what was once the truest love
They whisper of a Love incomparable
Love untouched by the cruelty of life
Love that held us in it's warm embrace
My arms are as empty now as my soul is
Places inside me that once belonged only to you
Can never be satisfied by another
In the cold darkness of night I cry softly for you
Please come back to me
Mark Villa May 2016
It came unexpectedly
It came without warning
It can from your heart
After 50 years of failed relationships
With a trail left of broken hearts
We found each other
In this vast sea of people we call the world
Two hearts that match
Two souls that love passionately
Found in the romantic islands of the Philippines
A land of enchanting relationships
Women who are raised to be passionate
Strong women
Faithful women
Beautiful women
Who have the islands in their beauty
Long black raven hair
Smooth skin that's tanned permanently
You are the one love I have been searching for all my life
From the start our souls bound together
Forming two hearts into one
Two kindred spirits unite
true love is birthed into my life  
Thank you for loving me and allowing me to love you
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