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marissa jenkins Mar 2017
I'm never going to be the same
so I'll stop trying
I think that maybe I'm going insane
there's the cause for all of my crying
they all know I'm in emotional pain
yet they still keep on prying
I can't take much more, it's an unfair game
but I stay quiet and I'm inwardly dying
marissa jenkins Dec 2016
if i could hand you the world on a silver platter
trust me i would, you're so special to me
i want us to have a happily ever after
and i can't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be

than right here
in your arms
whispering in your ear
about how you're my shooting star
you shot across my sky
when i was in
the darkest of nights

we shine
like diamonds
so bright

and the love we share
is worth the fight
for the special person in your life
it all could be taken from you.
cherish any kind of love.
if it is romantic, especially then
even if it isn't meant to be, cherish it while you can...

everything God does is part of his grand design. So maybe all loves (though they may be real) are not going to last because they are not meant to. I learned that the hard way. But cherish it while you can. Because it is an amazing feeling, isn't it? To love and be loved by another...
marissa jenkins Dec 2016
i wish i was totally numb and i could not feel
but the constant torment reminds me it is real
i'm alive
surprised i survived

i can hardly breathe
yet i still can think

i re-live the pain
my antedote is gone
i'm alone

so much...pain

why does it have to be this way?

agony, let go of me
I'm suffering
oh so slowly
i fight to take a breath
i'm so sorry ken, jordain

i'm losing my mind
running  out of time
yet i still can rhyme
make the pain stop...
you may have questions. I beleive i shared a poem with this community before with the names of these two individuals before(ken and jordain). leave a comment if you do, and i will get to it asap. Thank you for reading.
I have another poem that i fully plan on publishing with my others. Since i love the hello poetry community, you guys will be the first to read it(among other poems I've posted previously, as you are among the first to read those) This poem that I'm talking about speaks on finging myself and the topic below.

[I want to say something. Being emo is not necessarily a bad thing. All it means is that you are in touch with your deepest feelings and emotions. Although most emos are athiests, some are not(Like me). Emos tend to like literature(including poetry), music,and writing. And I know the steryotpyes. I do not cut myself, though I used to. Not all emos cut though.  And I enjoy the color black, but i wear other colors. I listen to rock and some metal, but then again, I listen to a wide variety of music genres. Examples are R&B;, pop, soul, reggae, country, hip-hop, rap, christian (rap and otherwise), rock(and rock has a variety all its own), and more. Anyone can be "emo" and just not have it as a label for themselves (You could be emo and just not know yet).
Anyways, if you've read this and come this far, I've kept you for long enough. thank you for reading. Be sure to leave a comment! Please like, follow, and share as well, if you wish to do so. Thank you again.]
marissa jenkins Dec 2016
It's how I feel
I wonder if I'll heal
he took the breath out of me
left a gaping hole where my heart should be
left an open wound
I hope it'll fix itself soon
dangerous game
I'll never be the same
It toys with my mind and I've run out of time.
confused? I'd be too, if I didn't read the first part.
It was an excerpt
  Dec 2016 marissa jenkins
Those three words that could
Bring happy tears to your eyes
Brighten up your day
Clear gray skies

You wait for those words
All your life, not just from
Your parents of course
But from that one person
You'd spend infinity with

You wait and you wait
You're growing old
You still haven't heard those

But if you did hear them
It wasn't meant to be
Because they didn't stay
Oh, how lonely you are

It's okay, I love you.
I may not be that
Significant other but
I may never meet you
Or I may pass you on the
Street and wouldn't know
It's you... Just know
This wonderful stranger
Loves you no matter
Who you are.
  Dec 2016 marissa jenkins
I never know what to say when people ask me what I fear the most. Because yes, spiders are gross and weird and yes, ghosts terrify me, but how could I explain that at night instead of nightmares filled with monsters, mine are just of someone walking away? how can I say that I stay awake going over everything wrong I’ve ever done? how can I tell them that my biggest fear is me not being good enough? All my life i’ve worried too much about what people think about me, and lately i’ve gotten better at not thinking about it so much, but there is someone in my life right now that I really don’t want to lose, and I’m scared. I’m scared because I know I mess up a lot, I know that I get repetitive and boring and I ramble when I’m nervous. So how am I supposed to say that I know my constant asking for reassurance that they want me in their life gets tiresome, but it's because its hard for me to imagine that someone actually would? How do I explain that I have never loved myself enough, so the thought of anyone else loving me seems so strange? I am bad at expressing myself, I either show too much emotion or too little, and I'm scared that that's a good enough reason for someone to walk away.
this doesn't really make sense
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