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Marissa Hines Apr 2013
Words of wisdom
What are those
Wisdom words dancing around on their tippy toes
Tippy toes, tippy tippy tippy toes...

Wisdom words what is that you say?
No I won't listen! So just stay away!
I wish to wreak havoc all day.

Fly away and be free
No wisdom words for me

Dance dance dance
Watch me dance oh wisdom words
And you shall see.. just how free I can be...

So tippy toe, tippy toe
Tippy tippy tippy toe and find another
With whom you can share
Your so called words of wisdom show.
Marissa Hines Mar 2012
In my dreams you will stay
to never wander in the day

Your kisses that touch me sweetly
fade into the light

My heart wonders if thy will ever truly be mine

Each passing sun I pray for peace within  your soul
for the smile that once crossed your life

No more pain
No more tears
To dance among the spirits above

I dance a dance to bring my soul to where it
once loved....

No more tears
No more pain
Just a peace that once was.....
Marissa Hines Feb 2011
Today I see that all i believed
was just dreamy

My heart is closed to all those wishes
Way up high my soul once soared
to the ground I explore

No more true love do I believe
No more dreamy for me...

I walk alone to be strong
hoping to just be...
Marissa Hines Feb 2011
Someday to sing that song of
passion once again

Someday to feel such love
and joy

Someday to understand that touch
of deep emotion

Someday to feel alive and beautiful
To see this in their eyes

Someday to wake up and know of
their love inside me

Someday has turned into the past
The past is no more....
Marissa Hines Feb 2011
As my soul soars high above
I look down to see you next to me
inside me, taking me over

My passion is strong
My passion is true
I live by my hearts desires
Logic is silence...

The silence I hear speaks to me
as I wish not to listen
It takes me over little by little
until it's all I hear

My soul that once soared high above
now rests all alone in the silence
with just my tears to fill my spirit...
Marissa Hines Feb 2011
Her eyes sparkle as bright as the stars in the summer night
Her hopes, her dreams are as real as the love she feels so deeply

She looks up to the night sky and wonders...wonders what will
become of her.

Her passion can not be measured for she feels so much beauty with in all.
She wonders why so much hurt comes to her...why so many careless words
are spoken, when they all seemed so honest and real...
The tears that gently caress her cheeks show the pain and confusion...
Yet the love she feels helps comfort her soul.

So deep are the wounds of the past, yet she has forgiven those
who have caused so much pain...

She closes her eyes to take her to a world where no careless words are
spoken and peace fills her heart.
Marissa Hines Feb 2011
In the nights dreams we are together, if only for one night.
You come to me as I lay sweetly between the sheets,
softly whispering the words we have spoken..

In the shadows of our minds, we are together
knowing of our passion...

Together we will be....
Unspoken desires that once were just a dream
will awaken to our bodies, entangled...
Full of desire are your kisses
Full of passion are your touches...

The need to feel these unspoken desires, to be as one
if only for just one night, are forever haunting the
shadows of our minds....
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