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Marissa Hines Aug 2019
Hello Lord
You are my light and path

Hello Lord
Only you can bring me peace
Only you can love me like I’m a child

You and only you know my heart
It’s yours and always
Some days I sin
Some days I am from the flesh
But my heart is always yours

You are my love, my friend, my light and....
My way....
Marissa Hines Jan 2016
Why do I love you..
You- your mind is beautiful
You- your heart is true to thruth

You- thruth- see it please
Not out of pain or hurt
But from the heart

I've loved you
I've hurt for you
I've lost you

Why do I love you
Why does a women love unconditionally

She sees the beauty in a soul
She loves the heart beat
She is blinded
Marissa Hines Jul 2015
You have been a part of me for years
Now you aren't interested
You say you love me, but how...
Only fond memories are left

Time to let go and kiss in the wind
The memories of our time
As they whirl around in my heart
Not really understanding
You say you love me, but how
Only fond memories are here now

Love can't be left behind as you so chose
then pick back up when you are ready
The hurt has dominated my soul

Fond memories are all I have
And all I will remember

Today I pray to please stop this pain
Today I pray to never feel again
Today I pray to never forget
So I can move on....

Fond memories are all that is left of us...

I hope peace fills your life
I hope fond memories fill your heart
So you know what you have let go....
Marissa Hines Mar 2015
So many times I have felt so alone about us. So much in limbo not knowing what to do. Hurting but loving you I can't leave. So i stayed believing in God and his whispers, have faith in me. And now you feel vacant about us.

I don't know what to say or believe in anymore. God? Myself? The fact that you know you love me and we will get thru this? Or to walk away and move on with my life because you feel vacant about us, about me.

Does it matter?
Do I let the chips fall where they may?
Or do I fight for the love that I believed to be real?
Your vacancy is your pain and that matters. That I do know. But the rest is in limbo again. What I did was wrong, feeling resentment and hurt, drunk text and madness, from a drunken fool who asked for forgiveness. Who knows she was wrong. But it's left you vacant.
So be it.....

I won't fight and I won't let the chips fall where they may. I won't believe that we were meant to be or move on with my life. I'm going to get drunk and not feel, again.

I'm a lost soul just like you.
Marissa Hines Aug 2014
As each day passes
Each moonlit night fades into the past
I feel each pang of wonderment....why?
What will be?

Do you love?
as deep as each never ending ocean

Do you feel?
far and wide to each galaxy traveled

You say you love
but free of all that goes with falling

How do I continue love when i've already fallen
How do I say I love, when hearts have been broken

My soul hides away into the depths of the never ending oceans
My tears travel as far and wide to each galaxy

Your heart stays free
Your soul continues to travel
One day you hope to fall
But one day may not be with me

You sing till the stars fall from the sky
but yet, alone i still fall
Marissa Hines Apr 2014
As days come and go
I sit and wonder of the times that have pass

The memories so clear
the outline of our time gone
slipped away into the night

Separate ways we shall go
walking in the shadows
trying to find new life

A love that felt...meant to be...
has faded into memories

The tears that cry, cry wondering why?
No longer can I take the rose color glasses

I must walk, head held high
into the present, letting go of the love that
was not meant to be...
Marissa Hines May 2013
You came to me upon a summers breeze
A gentle kiss upon my cheek
Strumming your chords of song
Softly singing me to sleep

I hear your voice whispering
I feel your hands caressing
I taste your sweetness upon my lips

A summers breeze
A smile full of love and laughter
Dancing to your own drum
A winters beauty can not compete

Oh summers breeze
Come lay with me
Play your tender song

Just one more kiss
Just one more touch
Tasting your sweetness upon my lips

Oh summers breeze
Oh summers breeze
You came to me upon a summers breeze.....
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