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Marisa Wallace Dec 2012
As metaphors sweep the floors
All the dust mites scream and cry
For they know what's coming next
They know that they must die.
They wonder what their next purpose will be 
Perhaps help something grow?
The dust begins to rain on top of old rotting fruits,
Soon to be used as to nurture the soil,
Then to be found under my boots.
Marisa Wallace Dec 2012
I am alone
But I am not lonely
I am not alone as a person
I am alone as nothing
And as nothing, 
I am everything.
Marisa Wallace Feb 2013
I try to climb up the hill
but it is so steep
and I just keep falling backwards
flipping and tripping
and my head gets dizzy
I will never get to the tippy top
or be able to see the view
not with this gravity
pulling me to hell
Marisa Wallace Jun 2013
There are parasites in my belly

should've cooked that lamb and jelly

I can feel them swimming inside me

just cut them out and set them free

looking down at my feet

it's just juice from a beet

dripping, dropping, landing ******* my toes

its made me crazy, but everyone already knows.
Marisa Wallace Feb 2013
I see you
Seeing me see you
I can see us
See sawing at the park
I'm not sure
But I think, maybe
I want to take you there
It will never happen though
Because I'm too shy
You must think I'm awkward
Marisa Wallace Feb 2013
be free I tell you
release your ego
don't listen to your mind
still your senses
and put life on hold
this is the way to escape
Marisa Wallace Feb 2013
Something must've happened to me,
Because for the past few weeks,
I have watched the birds fly with a new eye.
Marisa Wallace Feb 2013
On the surface you can see... it is bright,
but once you step inside,
everything is dark... too dark to see,
at least you can still smell, feel, and sense,
make sense of it all with your senses.
but maybe you find yourself wondering what this all looks like..
but maybe that would ruin it.
if you could see, maybe it isn't as fascinating as your imagination.
Marisa Wallace Feb 2013
The wind communicates through the dance of the leaves
The wind communicates through the howl of the trees
it creeks and cracks and sounds like a door opening slowly
I will walk through each tree, on at a time, each tree is an open door
and when I get through, I will be the wind,
controlling the leaves, waves, and sand
I will blow through your hair
and guide all beings to love
and when i've had enough,
I will escape out of this atmosphere, and start out into the big open sea of stars
until I get to the point where the laws of physics are irrelevant
Only then will I truly be free
Marisa Wallace Feb 2013
Today I realized something new.
Today I realized that I have 7 billion strangers.
And you are one of them.
Though I will probably never meet you,
We will cross paths someday,
Maybe look into each other's eyes,
just for a second, but never know.
Marisa Wallace Jul 2013
Smoke in my eye
Makin my cry
Realizin I'm gunna die
Saying goodbye to you my friend
Wishing I could stay
On this earth until the end 
What price would I have to pay
To stay here forever
But then again, death is a beauty
Comes with life none the less
This too shall pass
This too shall pass
I will remember your beauty, miss earth
Your kindness of giving so many a life like mine  
That sun, this dirt, with all that comes 
All the love and suffering
It is all good
Without this body I would never know

— The End —