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Mariel Pamintuan Jan 2016
You are my sweet escape.
You help me get out of my blues
and paint my world in different hues.
You are my source of vigor.
You get into my body,
flow through my blood,
seep into every part of me
and I will feel alive.
You are a wonderful chaos.
When the world turns me down,
you will make me feel so high.
When people make me cry,
you will suddenly make me laugh so hard.
When darkness surrounds me,
your rays of light will shine on me like
dawn after hours of being blind.
You make me see things that others cannot see,
make me hear soft caressing whispers that others can never hear.
That makes me feel special in someway
You give me freedom to do what I want without any hesitation.
You give me courage to go extreme without fright.
You give me happiness,
unexplainable feeling that needs a zillion words to be described.
They say I'm crazy
they say you are just an imagination, hallucination, a fancy..
an opposition to what is real..
'cause real is pain, real is fear, real is sadness.
You are surreal, but I believe in you.
I want to believe that someone so good as you could be true.
I want to believe that life is more than just rue,
that my life isn't about having insanity, but liberty..
Liberty that I found in you.
You are an abyss I am more than willing to fall in.
You are my drug.
I love you. Yes, I will forever be addictively in love with you..

— The End —