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mariella Aug 28
you're the brightest star in the universe
the one i've been meaning to call 'mine'
mariella Nov 2022
lucky you,
you have supportive parents, a family, and friends.
but look at them,
don't you think you're taking them for granted?

don't let all that studying consume you. live life to the fullest, yes. but prioritize them too like how you prioritize yourself.

lucky you.
mariella Jun 2022
you, who leaves my mind rent free
you, who became an inspiration i've always needed
you, who speak words confidently.
you, who loves what he does.
i admire you for all of it.

you are such a kind of dream,
i've never wanted to wake up from.
truly, the man of my dreams.
mariella Jun 2022
team work makes the dream work.

i am lost at words but one thing is for sure,
my old army self is surely proud you.
look at how far you've become.

it was at that moment, they were right.
stanning you,
was the best decision ever.
the most beautiful moment in life.

thank you for the chapter one, bangtan.
i can't wait to enter chapter two with you.
i purple you.
mariella Jun 2022
if only you know,
if only you can see it,
you'll fall for yourself too.

if only you know
how a single day or post of yours,
can brighten my not-so-good day.
how a reaction from you,
can easily stop myself from crying.

if only you know
how much i appreciate the little things you do
as much as how i appreciate you
for being you.

if only you can see,
my own point of view
of your soul. your body,
your alluring smiles and laughs.

if only you know
how much your growth for the past years
makes me want to grow better too.

if only you know
how much your fashion style
made me start romanticizing my life too.

if only you know,
how wonderful you are as a person.
how proud i am for you.
how you've became both
my inspiration and a motivation.

if only you know,
how admiring you from a far,
can bring the most out of me.

if only you know,
your effect on me.

if only you know,
my feelings for you.

if only you know
all of these things,
you, too, will be amazed.

if only you know,
if only you can see it,
you'll fall for yourself too.
mariella Jun 2022
i am but a secret admirer
of a year ago
though i have been able to make
my presence known,
i'd love to get to know you more

not yet now, but soon.
silently admiring you
from a far is enough.
at least, for now.
mariella Jun 2022
if i will be in an art museum
i would rather look at you
than the works of van gogh nor picasso
you are a peculiar work of art
i'll never get tired looking at
just like the song, an art gallery
could never be as unique as you.
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